ETI-Research Legato AC Connectors

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ETI-Research Legato AC Connectors

Audiophile AC Connector

ETI legato ac connector

Fantastic Performance and Build Quality

Finally, an AC connector able to challenge the performance of the top AC connectors at a much more attractive price. The ETI-Research Legato series of connectors are ultra high quality, built to last, and have the sound quality that competes with the big boys. The connectors are made with 1100 series copper that possesses a very uniform grain structure and an IACS rating of 102%. It has no adverse sonic side effects that can come from brass or other alloys, this is super high quality copper, plated with gold or rhodium

Milled Aluminum Housing

The housing for the Legato connectors are machined from 6061 aluminum, providing excellent shielding from RFI and EMI, and high durability. they are finished in a very stealthy matte black anodized finish that looks understated and elegant. The internals of the housing are made non conductive by implementation of a polymer insert. This is a safety measure that keeps stray wires from touching the aluminum housing. Stray wires on AC cords are bad, please make sure you don't have stray wires exposed when building your cords. I know I shouldn't have to mention it but...

The Legato series connectors can take up to 20mm cable. We have used it with the Furutech DPS 4.1 10 awg wire and it will accept the wire with no stray strands if inserted with care. If you have stray strands, trip them close and cover each conductor with shrink tubing or electrical tape.

Gold vs Rhodium

Yes the gold is a bit warmer and softer, but honestly we prefer the rhodium on most of the wire we've used. Even the normally analytical yet super resolving Furutech DPS 4.1 wire sounds better in our system when terminated with the Legato rhodium connectors. If you have a wire that tends to go beyond analytical into bright territory, the gold may work better for you.