Furutech FP-S022N Bulk Audio Power Cable


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FP-S022N Bulk Audio Power cable (14 gauge)

DIY Power Cable

14 AWG Alpha OFC Copper | Nano AG Liquid Treatment | Great for Digital & Preamp Power Cords

We recommend the FP-S022N for source components, preamps and Class D amps that utilize switching power supplies. To us, this cable represents the best overall sonic balance, performance and value of all of the Furutech Nano cables. Exceptionally spatious and 3D sounding, with balance throughout the sonic spectrum.  We would choose the FP-S022N for the source and preamp, while using the FP-S55N for the power amps and power distribution/conditioning.  This combination gives the best overall balance of detail and rich musicality.

What Makes FP-S022N Unique

The Furutech FP-S022N uses 3 x 14-gauge conductor bundles of Furutech's Alpha-OFC-NanoTech Copper. Alpha Nano-OFC is one of the best conductors Furutech engineers have found for sound reproduction. Alpha OFC makes use of a highly specialized manufacturing process that blends the ultra-high performance Alpha conductors with Furutech's extremely effective signal transmission enhancer, Nano Liquid. Nano Liquid's molecules are so tiny (8 nano-meters in diameter (8/1000000mm) they cover the Alpha conductor surface and fill up any concave-convex sections left on the conductor surface during the production process, This increases the electric conduction area and debasing impedance. The end result is a quieter, smoother sonic balance.

The very precise mix of gold and silver super-micro particles and amount of dispersing Squalene oil used on the conductor has great influence on the sound reproduction, and Furutech's engineers settled on their exact ratio of gold to silver particles after careful audition of countless test samples. The resulting tuned cable offers superb overall balance of qualities that Furutech is known for that allows you to feel, and experience the music. The results are extremely fine resolution down and through the very low noise floor, improved sound staging and image palpability, a musical, holographic, round midrange, tight and controlled bass, plus power and dynamics to spare.

Not in to DIY? Have Us Build It For You

We offer an assembled version of the FP-S022N. Choose your custom length, Choose your plugs, and choose to have us install Sonic Tonic inside for a spectacular performing cord at a very reasonable price.