Furutech Nano Silver/Gold Liquid


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Furutech Nano Silver/Gold Liquid - 2ml bottle

Contact Enhancer Audio Tweak

Fills tiny gaps in audio signal and power conductors with nano particles of silver and gold

Furutech Nano Silver Gold Liquid is a nano particle suspension of silver and gold in a squalene oil. When brushed on to an audio signal or power conductor, the tiny particles of gold and silver, no larger than 8 nanometers (millionths of a meter) flow into surface deformaties and cracks. This improves conductivity, reduces noise, and the oil helps protect the conductors from oxidization.

Furutech Web Site Description

  1. Squalene Oil can remove oxide...etc, form the surface of metal, make the surface clean and free of pollution, activate metal surface.

  2. Apply the principle of atomic adsorption to make gold & silver super-micro particle can be adhered to metal surface averagely; Fill concave-convex section on surface, increase electric conduction area and debase impedance (O).

  3. Meanwhile, stable Squalene Oil can form a layer protective film on the surface of metal to prevent oxidation happen again. Utilize it's excellent adsorbed effect to make gold & silver super-micro particle average and adhere to surface of metal stably.

Effects on Audio

An overall improvement in high, medium and low frequency sound. Volume, echo, extension, penetration, resolution and level feeling, Q degree and shape feeling are exceptionally good improvement.

Effects on Video

Upgrade the resolution, sharpness, color, brightness, background deepness and the graphical quality.