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Furutech GTO-D2 R NCF

Audiophile Power Distributor

 Furutech delivers a knockout power distributor featuring the GTX-D NCF AC receptacles. The 2 AC receptacles are housed in FI-06R NCF Chassis inlet with 106NCF Outlet covers. The GTO-D2 R NCF is ready to power 4 audio components.

  • 2x GTX-D NCF AC receptacles
  • FI-06R NCF AC chassis inlets
  • 2x 106 NCF covers
  • 15A-rated
  • Full Furutech Alpha Process that includes cryogenic and demagnetizing treatments



This new power distributor gives everyone who has wanted Top-Tier Furutech performance in the past,but were dissuaded by pricing that was out of their reach, a chance to now buy a unit that offers virtually all of the performance of the most expensive Furutech Power Distributors, but at a much more affordable price.