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Heretic A612

High Efficiency Coaxial Loudspeaker

Something Old, Something New

The Heretic A612 loudspeaker takes it's name from the original Altec 612, and is the result of research based on Altec 612 Utility cabinet, often referred to as the "Beatles Monitor". These monitors were originally used at Abbey Road Studios, and featured Altec-Lansing coaxial drivers in a utilitarian plywood box with a ductless port. Heretic Speakers' Robert Gaboury discovered some aspects of this speaker that could be re-engineered for extended bandwidth.


Robert Gaboury's history with audio stems from two other loudspeaker companies, one past (Gemme Audio), one still present (Arteluthe). 

With the Heretic 612, you get the vintage look of loudspeakers past, with modern tuning and materials advancements. The result is a great looking speaker that makes a statement visually and is simply loads of fun to listen to at any volume level.

High Efficiency

Higher efficiency loudspeakers are more sensitive to input, generally are lower mass, and open one's options for amplification. These speakers only need a few watts to produce ample volume. Some would argue that higher efficiency loudspeakers are more dynamic and lively sounding.

Coaxial Driver

The coaxial design of the two drivers placed the high frequency driver in the center of the lower frequency driver. This does two things:

1. It creates a single point source from which both low and high frequency sounds emanate. This makes the presentation more coherent.

2. The horn loaded high frequency driver makes use of the conical low frequency driver's shape as a wave guide. This aids in the efficiency and dispersion of the high frequency driver, again also integrating the dispersion with the low frequency driver.

Serial Crossover

The 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley filter with Serial topology (series crossover in other words) is uniquely tailored to the coaxial transducer. The series crossover allows the two drivers to integrate better, creating a speaker that sings with a seamless, single voice.

Ductless Vent

A vent tube is always tuned to a specific frequency, and operates in a very narrow band.  A ductless vent (such as the old Altec) is tuned to a much broader frequency band, which is highly desirable:  no "one-note" bass.

Choosing Amplification - Quality Matters

The sensitivity of the A612 makes them ideal for tube amplifiers. But quality does matter, as the 612's will reveal any weaknesses in a substandard amplifier's performance. We highly recommend the Lab 12 Mighty for those who love acoustic types of music and/or don't need to rock the house. for those who need a little more volume and power you can try any of the offerings from Audio Hungary. If you need even more then the Modwright KWH 225i should be all you will ever need.

"Thanks to the coaxial tweeter, these speakers sound like a big single driver speaker with extension. The crossovers are well designed, as the transition from woofer to tweeter is as good as it gets – seamless and free of grain. Regardless of what kind of music you enjoy, these speakers do a fantastic job rendering it.

Vocals are transcendent with the Heretics, both in terms of tonality and the way they can decode layered harmonies. The Heretics are highly natural in their presentation, and again thanks to the high sensitivity, nothing is ever working hard to produce sound – resulting in low distortion and fatigue. These are speakers you can listen to all day without becoming the least bit tired." - Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio


  • High Efficiency design that is tube amp friendly
  • Coaxial driver that is time aligned. Provides an ideal point source
  • Controlled directivity
  • Ductless port loading offers wider tuning of bass frequencies. In other words, no "one note" bass that one might encounter with a port tube.
  • Serial crossover network that offers up a more unified voice from the 2-way design


  • Custom-made 12" coaxial transducer
  • 35 to 23 kHz response, typical, half-space, -6 dB
  • Serial crossover network topology, Linkwitz-Riley
  • 100% Canadian birch plywood construction
  • 97 dB @ 2,83 V @ 1 m
  • Cardas Binding posts
  • 10 year warranty
  • 28 x 25 x 16, 125 lbs


Shipping of the Heretics is by Freight, and will run around $400 for residential lift-gate service.

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