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High Fidelity MC-0.5 Helix Plus

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High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Helix Plus

Parallel AC Filtering Guaranteed to Impress

mc 0.5 helix plus

Big Step Up From The MC 0.5

The MC-0.5 Helix Plus is an upgraded version of the popular MC-0.5 power conditioner. But to our ears, they are not in the same league. The MC 0.5 Helix Plus surprised us with the smoother, more refined sound that came out of our components. There was also significantly more texture and resolution of lower level detail. We use the MC 0.5 in our reference system with the ADD-Powr Sourcer X4 parallel power conditioner. The combination has a definite synergy.

Helix +

The MC 0.5 Helix + magnetic waveguide itself creates a different shape of magnetic field, referred to as Helix. Helix is the most successful technology at guiding electrons. It offers a more pinpoint concentration of the lines of flux within the waveguide, creating a more concentrated magnetic field. 

The electrons of your audio signal follow these lines of flux due to something called a magnetic moment. Just like the Earth spins and creates a magnetic moment or magnetic field, so do electrons. This magnetic field created by the electrons makes them behave like bar magnets. Because of this, the electrons get pulled into the lines of flux and follow the magnetic field of the wave guide. The magnetic field of the waveguide is far more powerful than that of the electrons. With a more concentrated magnetic field the electrons are forced inward towards the center of the conductor. This more concentrated flow of electrons helps to eliminate noise in your audio signal. When you lower noise you get a cleaner signal with less distortion. 

The "+" in the name refers to the fact that all critical internal connections are plated with gold. This helps to enhance conductivity as electrons move through the device. Gold also creates a more malleable surface for connections because gold is a soft metal. 

Sonically, the Helix + performs better in every area. MC-0.5 Helix ads more detail, has a cleaner leading edge, and helps to further remove hardness and harshness. It makes the system sound faster, cleans up the bass, and offers a more articulate and refined overall sound. These sonic benefits are critical for those who are looking for that extra level of perfection on an already high-end system. It is fantastic with vocals and string instruments, making the music more real and alive, while adding musicality and taming any hard vocal edges. 

Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.5" x 4.5" 
Weight: 0.5lbs (0.25kg)