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High Fidelity MC-6

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High Fidelity MC-6

Audiophile Power Distribution Utilizing Magnetic Conduction Techology

The MC-6: A magnetic approach to power 

The MC-6, Magnetic Conduction Power Distribution Block with six outlets, is High Fidelity Cables' newest offering, utilizing Magnetic Conduction technology with their patented magnetic waveguide devices inside. 

Clean & Direct

Preferring the cleanest, simplest, shortest signal path, High Fidelity MC-6 is wired point-to-point internally using magnetic conduction technology to enhance performance of the AC waveform. Traditional filtering can compromise speed, dynamics and overall clarity of your audio system. The MC-6 gets straight to the point. By adding magnetic conduction technology to your incoming power over a multitude of components you will get increased clarity, musicality, reduced noise and edginess, better dynamics, cleaner transients and have a system that produces music closer to that of the original recording. 

High Fidelity Cable's commitment is to bring a reference level power distribution product to the market place at the lowest price possible. Use the MC-6 as a replacement for any traditional power conditioning. The introduction of this product provides the perfect entry point to bring magnetic conduction into your system. We recommend the best audiophile-grade power cable for use with MC-6; consult a dealer for recommendations. 



All aluminum chassis, Hubble duplex outlets, Furutech IEC, US-made pure audiophile-grade "Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper", Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon-coated internal wire. Non-fused - does not provide surge protection. 

This model includes 6 outlets. 

Maximum 10 amps 120 volts (given the power draw, our entry level CT-1 power cable should not be used)