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Innuos Statement

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Innuos Zenith Statement

Reference Music Streamer


Inuos statement award"The Statement is an unqualified good thing — it made my system sound better than it ever has, and all things being equal (and me being unaccountably wealthy), there would be an Innuos Statement in my review system full-time, all-the-time. It’s a brilliant tool and one that gets me closer to the music, closer to “the absolute sound” (if you believe in such things) than any computer-based transport ever has. The Innuos Statement is my current reference for State-of-the-Art and handily earns our Editors Choice Award."



The new ZENith Statement builds on the award-winning ZENith Special Edition, which was considered by many as one of the best sounding digital sources to date. The ZENith Statement takes Digital Audio to a new level by innovating a number of areas:

Double Enclosure Linear Power Supply

  • New power supply architecture designed in partnership with Dr. Sean Jacobs.
  • Separately enclosed AC/DC conversion stage to isolate transformer vibration and EMI emissions.
  • Regulation stage within main system enclosure to shorten the clean DC power path.

Partnering once again with Dr. Sean Jacobs, a new power supply was designed exclusively for the Statement. The power supply is two enclosures, with one enclosure containing the AC/DC conversion stage and the other containing the voltage regulation together with the server components.

The advantage is clear: The Statement's regulated “clean” power traverses a very short path, soldered point to point, with the least impedance and exposure to EMI. This is superior in efficiency compared to a traditional architecture where a separate power supply is used – Innuos has done their best to remove the extra connections, runs of wire, everything that makes power vulnerable to EMI. 

Innuos Statment Hifi plus award

"...even the briefest of exposure to the ZENith Statement shows you are in the presence of something special." - HiFi+


8 Independent Power Rails

  • Reduces electrical noise generated by regulators’ voltage conversions.
  • An individual dedicated power supply for each critical component.

Each critical component of the server receives its own dedicated power supply from one of the 8 independent power rails, further preventing component cross-contamination. Of particular note is the use of a dedicated power supply for each of the Ethernet and USB high-precision OCXO clocks, ensuring these clocks work at their best.

Custom Ethernet and USB Re-Clocker

  • Innuos-designed USB board with a dedicated 5V power line.
  • Independently powered 3ppb OCXO clock for higher precision and lower phase noise.
  • Custom motherboard exclusively designed for Innuos. 

Not fully satisfied with existing USB and Ethernet re-clocking designs, Innuos designed their own boards for this purpose. At the heart of the design are 3 principles:

  1. The use of very high-precision OCXO clocks for timing the signals
  2. Extreme care in powering important components preventing cross-contamination
  3. Extremely short paths between components.

While the use of OCXO clocks is not new, the way they are powered and the layout of the board has proven to be extremely important for their performance. As an example, dozens of USB controllers were analysed in terms of how they were powered and clocked so that they allowed this control to be done externally. The USB Controller is regulated by no less than 3 ultra-low noise regulators, one per independent voltage.

Keeping the clock very close to the controllers, via a dedicated track on the board itself, also helps to avoid the losses in signal quality that come with the use of external clock units.

statement-the-ear-review"Separation with this server is extraordinary, between instruments, voices, notes, you name it, it is nearly always possible to differentiate all of the sounds on a recording. Some music deliberately blurs these boundaries but where several or more musicians are playing lots of notes this clarity is a transformation, and the denser the music is the more obvious the benefits of the Statement’s ability to present it coherently." The EAR




"Last year we positively raved about the ZENith MKII SE from Portugal’s Innuos. Limited to 100 units, the Roon-capable server/streamer extracts the very best performance from every DAC it touches. That includes DACs used by this commentator since the MKII SE review, further cementing my belief that one’s digital budget should be split more evenly between source and DAC.

And yet the best Innuos streamer/server is about to get a whole lot better. The forthcoming ZENith Statement is a two-box digital source for high-end-flying audiophiles." - Darko Audio


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