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Lab 12 Melto 1

MM MC Phono Stage


Lab 12

Lab12 is a state-of-the-art high end manufacturer founded in 2012. Years of passionate experiments, exploration and R & D have transformed Lab12 from a one-man operation in Athens to a fast growing venture delivering musical products all over the globe. However, what is at the heart of all the products we produce, is that they hold on to our core belief that the emotional impact and an engaging musical performance are the most important factors when listening to music.

Each and every product undergoes state-of-the-art measuring processes and final tuning that are the result of months of listening and tuning to ensure that you, the end user, get a truly exceptional product that simply lets you enjoy the music you love.

Melto 1

Vinyl is back.. though it was never really gone! More and more music lovers turn to analog sources, since they offer a more natural and original feeling in the perception of sound. So, here comes the newest member of our range melto1, to bring audiophiles a step closer to the true analog sound.

Phono stages are the main supporting links in the chain of any high-end sound system. When designing melto1, we had in mind to bring to the fore a thoroughly musical phono stage, which will engage audiophiles to the analog sound and its benefits.

Without compromising on the absolute musicality and pure recreation of sound, we managed to smoothly handle the sensitive cartridge signal and give you the opportunity to get the best possible from your turntable / cartridge system, through a variety of setting combinations.

Melto1 is built to work with any cartridge out there and offers you various setting options to tune your favorite music with your own sound taste. Input impedance from 32 to 100000 ohm and capacitance up to 300pF, 4x NOS dual triodes -selected and strictly matched- incorporate the MM and RIAA EQ stages after a switchable low-noise step-up stage. Perfectly balanced PCB topology, Fine symmetry® and separate grounding paths for sensitive signal and high current ways, while our SRSG® topology provides an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and channel separation.

An outstanding performance for more than a fair price. In other words…the real deal!


  • MM/MC cartridge type
  • Full Tube Design
  • Full adjustable settings: Cartridge type, Impedance, Capacitance
  • Toroidal power transformer
  • No feedback design
  • SRSG® implementation
  • Fine symmetry® implementation
  • 5mm Aluminum face panel
  • Five Year Guarantee


  • Power: 230VAC 50Hz (115VAC 60Hz)
  • Power consumption: 80 VA max
  • Gain MM: 41dB
  • Gain MC: 66 dB
  • Input impedance: adjustable (32 ohm – 100Kohm)
  • Input capacitance: adjustable (0-300pF)
  • De-emphasis curve: RIAA
  • Tube complement: 2x 6N1P-EV dual triode, 2x 6n2p-EV dual triode
  • Input: line stereo (RCA connectors)
  • Output: line stereo (RCA connectors)
  • Available Colours: Matt Black
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 43x11x29 cm
  • Weight: 6.5 Kg