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Lumin M1

Streaming Integrated Amplifier

NEW: Ethernet, USB and analog inputs.

"the M1 efficiently and swiftly teaches us humility. This is a very serious deck for the money. Class D is often associated with well-controlled bass but matte textures and a pale lifeless sound yet here this wasn't the case even in the slightest. The M1 turned out to be a typical Lumin, thus broke free from stereotypical chains and the more it played, the more impressed I got..." - Sixmoons



"...the M1 had far better tonal balance and even more detail due to its lower noise and complete source integration. Indeed there was more of an analogue sound, closer to a good turntable than SACD player. Whilst I wouldn't describe the result as particularly warm or earthy, I had the impression that high-frequency noise filtering was far more effective than it had been with other digital amplifiers I sampled. In terms of power efficiency and vividness, the results were frankly astounding. The M1 drove my Giya with extreme ease even when compared to many more powerful amplifiers which I'd previously used. It provided a very open soundstage with robust bass, demonstrating how 60 efficient watts from a well-designed power supply were enough even for big full-range loudspeakers of reasonable efficiency and with a friendly impedance curve. With more demanding speakers featuring impedance drops below 4Ω or 3Ω, the M1 will meet its limits. Hence Pixel Magic recommend speakers with at best a 4Ω nominal impedance..." - SixMoons

With the LUMIN M1, Pixel Magic's aim was clear – take all the award-winning sonic characteristics that the LUMIN music players are renowned for and surprise people with just how amazing an integrated system can sound.

18 months of continual development has lead to their uniquely efficient design including an oversized switching power supply and a fully-digital signal path all the way to the speaker outputs.

Outperforming larger and more expensive separates, LUMIN M1 shouldn't be dismissed as a second system. With 60W of amplifying power it can drive room-filling speakers and has the same musical heart as every other LUMIN music player.

Space Saving, Feature Packed

  • NEW Ethernet input
  • NEW Analog Input
  • NEW USB Input
  • NEW LEEDH lossless volume control
  • Compact system doesn't dominate the room
  • Class-D power amplification retains digital signal path right to the speaker outputs
  • DSD128 5.6MHz
  • Native Tidal and Qobuz support
  • LUMIN App volume control

As impressive as the Lumin M1 was for example, I would not sell off my Luxman M800/Coincident/Lumin S1 combo. My reference system still provides more density, tighter bass, better treble extension, higher PRaT and a slightly wider soundstage. But, I must admit that the M1 scored perhaps 90% of each and every criterion. We all know how the devil is in the details and that 10% difference is significant. But what the Lumin M1 nets for the price is simply outstanding.  - SixMoons


M1 Specifications

  • DSD SUPPORT: DSD128 5.6MHz, 1-bit
    • PHYSICAL: Stereo 4 mm banana binding posts
    • SPEAKER LOAD: >= 4 Ohm
    • RATED POWER OUTPUT (PER CHANNEL): 60W @ 8 Ohm Speaker, 100W @ 4 Ohm Speaker
  • POWER SUPPLY: 100–240V AC auto-ranging
  • PHYSICAL: 361mm (W), 323mm (D), 58mm (H), 4.5kg

    • UPnP AV protocol with audio streaming extension
    • Gapless Playback

    • On-Device Playlist

      • DSF (DSD), DIFF (DSD), DoP (DSD)
      • FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), WAV, AIFF

      • MP3, AAC (in M4A container)


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