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MC-6 Hemisphere

Helix Based Magnetic Conduction Technology

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High Fidelity's MC-6 Hemisphere takes magnetic conduction to the next level with the newly developed waveguide system we call the "Hemisphere". Derived from the successful Helix technology used in their top of the line power cables. The Hemisphere has been specialized for AC power to utilize the magnetic fields inside the wave guide.

Clean Power Through Magnetic Conduction

High Fidelity's Hemisphere magnetic fields help to achieve two critical functions in delivering the cleanest power to your audio system. First, by helping the electrons to the core of the wire. This is done through a complex series of uniquely-shaped magnetic fields created by the arrangement of the many powerful rare-earth magnets used to conduct electrons. This new Hemisphere magnetic arrangement offers a pinpoint saturation of electrons to the core and greatly reduces noise while increasing the applied force over electron transfer for extremely clean fast energy transfer.

mc-6 hemisphere

New Dampening System

The Hemisphere approach like all Magnetic Conduction Technology applications reduces unwanted noise that is typically carried on the AC power line. This noise is the heart of grunge, hardness, and edge - the very enemies of the audiophile. Hemisphere Magnetic Conduction is used in conjunction with an effective new dampening system that works with the magnets to greatly reduce mechanical vibrations that are following the electrical conductor. Alternating current causes the wire to resonate, this AC resonance directly creates noise that causes listening fatigue. To reduce that fatigue and get smooth sound this energy must be dampened as it flows down the wire like a string between two tin cans heading to sensitive electronics where it will become noise. In the MC-6 Hemisphere these two important technologies are teamed up to give audio and video enthusiasts a glimpse of our reference products.

Premium AC Receptacles

Although the heart of the MC-6 Hemisphere is in the advanced waveguide system, there are additional benefits from other components. A selection of the most popular and most requested premium audiophile-grade parts are added into the Hemisphere power conditioner. For those with discerning tastes in the connections themselves, parts like Furutech GTX-D Rhodium-plated receptacles are used. The MC-6 Hemisphere also boasts ceramic-tempered, hard, anodized aluminum receptacle mounting and bottom plates for vibration-resistant mounting systems on the internal waveguides and receptacles. These exotic finishes offer the greatest combination of beauty, resonance control, and durability, and is seemingly made as much for the appreciation of design as audio clarity.

Why Magnetic Conduction and the MC-6 Hemisphere?

Traditional power conditioning requires electronic devices such as transformers, inductors, capacitors, and even resistors. These devices rob the system of electrical efficiency causing some of the electrons to be taken or flittered to earth ground in hopes to eliminate noise. This old approach literally wastes the vital energy, discarding both good and bad and never knowing the difference. This results is a slower, more muted and even veiled representation of the music. Until now it was understandably the only choice engineers had because there was no technology to properly "condition" electricity. The MC-6 Hemisphere is uniquely different in every way, using an entirely different approach patented and created in North America. The MC-6 Hemisphere is not just a better power conditioner, it is power conditioning of the future, today. It is the first of products developed by High Fidelity Cables to ever truly "condition" the electrons we depend on for power.

The MC-6 hemisphere may not represent the most exotic product built by High Fidelity Cables for power conditioning, but it does represent a monumental step in the right direction for this technology and our advances in demonstrating this new technology over traditional power conditioning approaches. The MC-6 by nature will take time to reveal the new layers of music only achieved by this technology as it works by reducing distortion. However, after plugging it in and hearing the difference in the noise floor of your audio system and the moment by moment and hour to hour change of resolution, the MC-6 Hemisphere eventually produces a lifelike realism that can only be achieved through the power of Magnetic Conduction. In the world of audio this is a statement and reference power conditioner delivering the kind of sound audiophiles crave and musicians relate to from the soul.

A Word on Current Capability

The MC-6 Hemisphere includes 6 outlets and will operate safely at a maximum of 10 amps and 120 volts. To determine which of your audio components might work with the MC-6, add up the total amperage of the fuse values for each component (this usually indicates the maximum current draw of the component) you intend to plug in to the MC-6. If you are under 10 amps, you should be fine. If you are over, you may want to consider another MC-6 to spread out the current draw.

Further Recommendations 

dark-matter-05png.pngWe have found that Bybee AC Purifier technology makes for a nice, musical combination when used in conjunction with the High Fidelity MC-6. They provide another level of noise reduction, and add a level of organic richness and tone that is quite spectacular. The end result is more music and resolution than you may have ever heard along with more musicality and naturalness. A very rare combination at any price point. How does one incorporate the Bybee Technology along with the MC-6? There are a couple of ways, both using the Bybee AC adapters.

  1.  Bybee AC adapter plugged in to the MC-6. This will give you a taste of both technologies, and is of course the most economical solution. We recommend the Bybee SE AC Adapter in this instance. Why the SE? It offers a more musical presentation than the standard Bybee AC Adapter. The standard is very revealing, but in conjunction with the slight analytical nature of the MC-6, can prove to be too much of a good thing. The SE AC adapter offers a  more organic, musical presentation that compliments the MC-6 very well.
  2. The ultimate combination of technologies would be to use the MC-6, your power cords, then a Dark Matter AC Adapter going in to the audio components that sound best with this combination. The Dark Matter has Bybee SE AC Purifiers, and High Fidelity waveguides on the hot, neutral and ground legs of the AC. This puts the conditioning elements right at the point of power entry to your components. It makes a difference that is not subtle, and at this point you would be rivaling the performance of the Ultimate Reference Helix power cords.

In Home Auditions

We do offer in-home auditions of the Bybee AC Adapters and the MC-6. Contact us for details.