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MG Audio Design

mg audio design audio cablesMG Audio Design

High End Audio Cables

MG Audio Design audio cables are made right here in Colrado. They have a unique, flat ribbon design that creates a holographic, resolving, and very engaging music listening experience. 

 MG Audio speaker and interconnect designs are based on technology developed to support microwave signal transmission. According to the theory, the perfect signal transmission material would be infinitely wide and infinitely flat with the signal conductors spaced closely together with air as the dielectric. Such an audio cable would minimize capacitance, inductance and skin effect while having essentially no dielectric absorption issues.

All we know is that MG audio speaker cables and interconnects sound fantastic and are reasonably priced. Customers who try them 99 times out of 100 buy them, and come back for more. They have a very loyal following, including Paul McGowan of PS Audio...


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