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Planus IV AG Speaker Cables

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Product Description

MG Audio Planus IV AG Speaker Cable

About MG Audio

MG Audio of Colorado designs cables focused on minimizing capacitive, inductive and skin effects that inevitably color the sound of all wires. The minimization of these factors is especially critical with low-level signals where loss of high frequency information and phase response is magnified. MG Audio designs cables based on physics and good engineering practice, not voodoo. The result of this design is that you can hear more clearly into the musical performance, catch details you have never heard before, and better capture the emotional expression of the artist.

The Best Performer In the MG Audio Line

The Planus IV AG speaker cable is our best performing cable in terms of resolution of low-level detail and high frequency extension. Planus IV AG builds on what we previously learned with Planus III AG and with Planus IV. It takes the best of both designs. The results are that Planus IV AG is clearly our best wire for high-resolution systems.

Silver is a superior conductor of electricity compared to copper. This allows silver to better resolve low-level signals that would otherwise be lost within the conductor itself. We have also found that the thinner the conductor, the better the transient information and soundstage cues can be resolved. By combining these two findings in the Planus IV AG’s design, we have created the most resolving speaker wire in our line and quite probably the highest performing speaker cable on the market today.

Comparing the Planus IV to IV AG

Comparing the performance of Planus IV with Planus IV AG is an exercise in listening for subtle music cues. The attack and decay of notes is more apparent with Planus IV AG, mainly because it has slightly better extension in the top end. Also more apparent are the subtle inflections and other nuances musicians use to add expression to the musical performance. Both wires resolve these nuances well, but with Planus IV AG they are more apparent. The listener does not have to concentrate to hear the nuances, they flow more naturally through the performance with Planus IV AG.

Planus IV AG also presents a slightly more palpable sound stage. The instruments and voices take on an even greater sense of dimensionality. There is more air around the individual instruments/voices giving them a sense of three-dimensional space- much like you would hear in a live performance. While Planus IV does this very well, Planus IV AG is better.

The only downside to Planus IV AG we can see is that it is slightly leaner in the upper bass/lower midrange region. That is the characteristic sound of silver. Therefore, Planus IV AG may not be well suited to systems that are already lean in that frequency range. In those cases, we would recommend Planus IV.

Now, the big question on a lot of peoples’ minds – is Planus IV AG worth the price difference over Planus IV or Planus III? If you are looking for performance versus cost, the answer is no. On a strictly bang-for-the-buck comparison, Planus III is clearly the superior wire in our line and probably the best value in high end today. Planus IV AG is meant for those people demanding the absolute best performance possible from their systems and are willing to pay the price for a state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Planus IV AG redefines state-of-the-art.

The price of Planus IV AG is significantly greater than the rest of MG Audio Design's speaker cables because it is much more difficult to make and the silver used to make it is MUCH more expensive. The price for Planus IV AG reflects their increased costs to make the product, not because of a “designer” pricing strategy that some cable manufacturers use to differentiate their premium products. Because Planus IV AG is so expensive, we do not plan to sell many of them. Planus IV AG is a made to roder product. There may have a demo set available for those serious buyers interested in auditioning them. Since Planus IV AG is a special order product, it may take weeks to fill an order. However, the wait will be well worth it.

By the way, if you do purchase any of our Planus wires, please be aware we use very thin foils for the conductors which can be easily torn. Always handle these wires carefully and do not pull or twist on the terminations- you will rip them.

Try The Planus III In Your Own System

Call us at 303-653-6341 to schedule your in-home audition of the Planus III AG. We will loan you the cables over the course of a weekend, plus a few days.

Installation of the Planus Speaker Wires

In examining the Planus speaker wires you will note that there are two different types of spade lugs used. One end, the end with the MG Audio Design logo, has silver spade lugs. The other end uses rhodium spade lugs. This is unique to the Planus product and allows for slight changes in the voicing of a system. Switching which end is connected to the amplifier gives a slightly different sound from the other. We generally prefer the sound with the silver spades connected to the amplifier, but feel free to experiment. You may prefer the sound when the wires are connected the other way around.

Start with the Silver spades connected to your amp, and the rhodium spades to your speakers.

The silver spades used on our speaker wire can be used for either ¼” or 9 mm posts. The rhodium spades come standard in ¼” size. If you need 9mm rhodium spades on your cables, please contact us. Planus speaker wires are not directional, so they can be used in either direction. Too, the speaker wire is not polarity dependent. The black and red terminals are marked only for reference . Therefore, if it’s easier to hook up black to positive, feel free to do so. Just remember to connect at the other end the same way to maintain proper overall system polarity.

Care of Planus Wires

The Planus line of products is a completely different design than most speaker wires and interconnects. Because we use thin foils and films in their construction, they are somewhat delicate and will not withstand the abuse that more classically constructed cables can be subjected to. The wires should be handled by the terminated ends whenever possible. DO NOT pull on the wires themselves when disconnecting as this could damage the terminations and make the wires inoperable.

Although Planus wires are flat, they should not be run under equipment, carpets, or other objects. The insulation, while tough, is not designed to support foot traffic and will cut or tear if run across a sharp edge. Further, Planus interconnects are intentionally unshielded and should be kept away from sources of electrical noise, such as switching power supplies, radio transmitters, and similar devices. If you experience radio frequency interference (RFI) with Planus interconnect, please contact us. We can install RFI suppression devices on your cables. Finally, while the foils used in the construction of Planus wires is very flexible, continuous or frequent flexing of the wire should be avoided as it could lead to degraded sound and wire failure.


The Planus wire family is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. This warranty does not cover abuse of the wire. As a practical matter, we have wire that has been in use for over 20 years with no degradation of performance.

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