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MrSpeakers Ether with DUM Cable -$1499, Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Product Description

MrSpeakers Ether Planar Magnetic Headphones

In-house designed, patented planar magnetic technology for amazing resolution and bass with no fatigue factor

ear-best-of-2015-e1451416811442.jpgSixmoons reviews MrSpeakers Ether and Ether C. 

" If you're a micro detail and adrenaline fancier, you'll gravitate to the Ether. If you like it a bit thicker, bassier and warmer, you'll prefer the Ether C." - Full review


Our take: We found the Ethers to be super comfortable and lightweight. Paired with their lightweight and flexible DUM cable, there is no other planar magnetic headphone as comfortable to wear or move around in. Sonically. Wow. I have to say I've never really been a headphone guy until I heard the Ethers. The transparency is what I heard first. It was like nearfield listening on a $20,000 monitor. The speed and dynamics were better than most speakers I've heard. The bass was absolutely correct in tone, speed, articulation and depth. They were not bass shy in the least. Last, I have never heard headphones actually reproduce a soundstage. These did so quite nicely. I as a two channel audio guy could totally live with the Ether and a great headphone amp if I had to do without a full two-channel rig. 

Efficient enough to work with your smart phone without additional amplification!

guru-choice-award-black-background-e1450228557163.pngAbout MrSpeakers

MrSpeaker's Founder Dan Clark was a loudspeaker designer before he became interested in modifying Fostex’s T50rp planar headphones. He isn’t the only guy to take the Japanese manufacturer’s entry-level planar magnetics apart with the aim of elevating their performance but he’s definitely the most commercially successful. Fast forward to today, and Dan has his own from the ground-up designed, patented planar magnetic drivers. 

 "Of special note was the sheer level of detail retrieval of the Ether, without being fatiguing in the least. The Ether does everything to a remarkable level of proficiency. While there may be better headphones for each individual frequency element, none brings it all together as coherently as the Ether." -

"The Ether is a whole lot of high-end headphone goodness for the money: deep-sea illumination, righteous dynamics, immersive, airy. Most crucially of all for planar magnetic headphones, they’re light." - Digital Audio Review

"MrSpeakers’s ETHER is a brilliant headphone that offers a truly unique combination of stellar sound quality and exceptional comfort… if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line reference headphone that: features a neutral and accurate sound signature; is capable of resolving the finest details with little difficulty; while it enthralls you with seductive and engaging dynamics – all wrapped up in an unbelievably comfortable listening experience – then you owe it to yourself to put the ETHER at the top of your audition list. It sounds like all kinds of awesomeness." - Headphone Guru


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Fantastic Sound

The ETHER headphones are built around MrSpeakers in-house designed single-ended planar driver. To optimize performance the planar has been processed using their patent-pending V-Planar technology. This allows the drive to behave more like a piston, producing considerably less distortion than conventional planar magnetic drivers.

A conventional planar driver is assumed to move as a flat surface.  In reality, this is not possible because the driver substrate is inelastic and  “locked” at the boundaries so the driver will move more as an arced surface then a flat plane, as conceptually illustrated in Figure 1.

FIGURE 1: Conventional Driver Motion

Conventional driver motionOver the years, different approaches have been developed to address nonlinear planar motion and the artifacts it can cause.  Fostex patented their RP technology to reduce panel nonlinearities. Another approach, known as knurling, was patented in 1997 by Bruce Thigpen, founder of Eminent-Technology and pioneer of numerous planar magnetic speaker technologies. We felt it would be possible to improve on the solutions available to date, so we collaborated with Bruce to develop V-Planar knurling technique (we filed for a patent with Bruce as a co-inventor). In simplified form, V-Planar technology addresses nonlinear driver motion by more deeply creasing the diaphragm to increase compliance.  Much as pleats allow an accordion to expand and contract without stretching the fabric, the creases in the driver "open" slightly during larger excursions as illustrated in Figure 2.  When the driver is processed, the resultant peaks and troughs are deep enough to maintain more of their physical structure even after the driver has been tensioned.

FIGURE 2: V-Planar Driver Motion

v-planar-02.gifIncreasing the driver compliance allows it to behave as a more idealized planar surface and also improves it's acceleration.  With more of the driver surface in linear motion, V-Planar can not only push more air at low frequencies, but with greater acceleration also delivers better dynamics, high-end frequency response, and measurably lower distortion. The Sound We are committed to avoiding too much "marketing speak," and so we are deliberately going to avoid a lot of prose and to simply say we love the sound of our drivers post V-Planar processing, they do sound more natural and engaging to us.


On the comfort front, ETHER weighs in at 375 grams (13.3 oz) while ETHER C weighs 394 grams (13.9 oz).  Both headphones have a weight distribution optimized for performance and comfort.

One way the MrSpeakers team cut weight without sacrificing performance was to invent an industry-first: a headband made of NiTinol “memory metal.”  NiTinol is super-light and ultra-cool because it’s very flexible so it gives a great fit with minimal clamp.   We also designed a new flat ear pad that reduces the size of the headphone, provides a great seal, and is made from our signature lamb-leather so ETHER be worn for long sessions.


  • Driver: 2.75” x 1.75” MrSpeakers’ designed single-ended planar magnetic (with V-Planar™ surface processing)
  • Precision machined Aluminum baffle, pivots and gimbals
  • Nitinol “Memory Metal” Head-band
  • Italian leather with microsuede headband
  • Lamb-leather ear pads


  • Weight: 370g (13.1oz)
  • Frequency response: 15-18KHz, +/-3dB
  • Driver Matching: Yes within 1 dB 100-3KHz (1/12 octave smoothing)
  • Efficiency: 96dB/mW
  • Impedance: 23 ohms

Included in the box:

  1. 8' DUM cable of your choice
  2. A custom case for transportation
  3. A velvet bag for storage

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