NCF Booster - L


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Furutech NCF Booster - L

Lower-Cost Version Of The Original NCF Booster

Multi-material hybrid construction – a Furutech original design.

• Support unit: audio-grade ABS resin and NCF nylon resin to eliminate static charge.

• Base unit: audio-grade ABS resin body with slip-proof, shock- absorbing plate with counterweight.

• Height: Base level 23.8 mm/ Extended level 81.4 mm approx.

• Overall Base Unit Dimensions: 89.8 x 66.0mm approx.

• Overall Dimensions: W46 x L106 x H23.8mm approx.

• Net Weight: Base level-130.5g / Extended level- 177.5g approx Top Clamp Unit is sold separately. It is not attached to the product.