Oyaide Continental 5S USB Audio Cable

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The Continental 5S is Our Best Value Audiophile USB Cable

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The conductor of  the Continental 5S consists of 5 Nines pure silver. After being melted in a ceramic crucible, it is molded into 15mm diameter round bars. It is further reduced in diameter by means of 19 repetitions of the cold rolling process. Afterwards, the silver wire is further reduced to 1.05mm by a low-speed drawing process.

After the final rolling operation and mirror surface finishing, stress and strain that is generated by the drawing process is slowly removed by a lengthy annealing operation in a high-frequency electric furnace filled with inactive gas to prevent the silver from combining with oxygen. The completed ultra-pure silver wires are immediately packaged in nitrogen gas and are safely stored until the next process.


The connection between cable and connector is where changing magnetic fields and noise is greatest. After soldering cable and plug, the Continental 5S USB is covered by a metal shell before the molding process. In addition, the outer shell made of brass is installed onto the plug to protect the contact part from external noise.


The contacts undergo a double-layered pating process. The inner layer is silver plating which has the highest conductivity among all metals. The outer layer is rhodium plating which has excellent rigidity and durability.

continental 5s connectorsMassive Shielding

The Continental 5S has multi-layered shilding composed of copper foil shielding to separate signal/power lines and aluminum foil shielding, is applied to attenuate jitter loss and was developed for achiving our goal, unlimited transparency.

When Oyaide conceived of the Continental 5S, their goal was unlimited transparency. To achieve an ultra silent background, its sheilding design was deeply considered to be adopted to all kinds of noise generated from complicated system enviroments.

Their answer is "Signal-Power separation shielding". Most USB cables, for their signal and power lines, have just a twisted pair structure which causes jitter-loss frequently due to the fact that noise from power line internaly propagates into the signal line.

The Oyaide Continental 5S has not only a twisted pair structure for its signal and power lines but also completely separates each line by copper foil sheilding which has a 100% shielding ratio. In addition on its outer periphery, it has an alminum foil shielding layer and a silver plated copper braided shilding layer which are strongly effective for external high frequency noise.


The Continental 5S is capable of 480Mbps USB2.0(HI-SPEED)compliance. 


Although a conductor is the most important factor when a signal transmit through a cable, an insulator is also very significant to prevent loss of signal transmission. Oyaide has applied a fluorine blended resin (PFA) for its insulation material due to it's its ultra-low permittivity.

However, PFA is a material that is easily charged by static electricity. When a signal is transmitted in a cable, it generates very tiny vibrations and the material charged by static discharges by it. To solve this problem, Oyaide installed silk fillaments which prevent the rise of electric permittivity.