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Harbeth P3ESR XD Loudspeaker

Amazing Clarity & Tuneful Bass From A Gorgeous, Shoebox-Sized Enclosure

Price is Per Pair

Harbeth’s development team has, once again, redefined what is possible from this use anywhere loudspeaker. The completed redesign maximizes the performance potential of Harbeth's proprietary RADIAL2™ Cone Technology. The evolved P3ESR XD delivers breathtaking transparency, accurate bass and dynamic integration across the audio spectrum. This is arguably one of the most advanced speakers in its class, this mini monitor allows you to discover those transparent moments where you feel like you’re breathing the same air as the musicians on the recording. This is one of the most ground-breaking speakers ever released by Harbeth.


"My small (14' long by 12' wide by 9' high) room let Harbeth's P3ESR 40th Anniversary Editions play medium-size music at satisfying volumes without distracting levels of distortion. If your room is the size of mine or smaller, you're not a bass freak, and you seek a modest but exquisite and keep-forever loudspeaker, Harbeth's P3ESR 40th Anniversary Edition is the best-built, most natural-sounding small speaker I have ever heard."Herb Reichert, Stereophile



The XD Details

The P3ESR XD is the evolution of the 40th Anniversary model. The sealed box 2-way design. The sound is more resolving, and a touch more forward than the standard P3ESR. It still uses British-made poly capacitors and Harbeth's ultrapure copper internal cable.

Harbeth's proprietary RADIAL2™ technology from the larger Harbeth speakers has trickled down (more like "over") to the heart of the P3ESR loudspeaker. The driver is designed in-house, the special 110mm (5") bass/midrange driver offers the legendary clarity and naturalness of the larger Harbeth speakers.

Breathtaking transparency, realistic bass, amazing vocal reproduction and fantastic holographic imaging give the P3ESR XD a grand, captivating, and transparent sound. 

Not only is the P3ESR XD loudspeaker capable of being used in a wide range of listening environments, but it is optimized to present an easy electrical load to even low-powered amplifiers. 

We Recommend the P3ESR XD for state of the art desktop and small space listening environments where you can place it about a foot from the wall behind it (minimum) and sit up to 8 feet away from them. This is not a headbanger's speaker, but is capable of creating a captivating listening experience with nearly any genre of music at lower to moderate listening levels.

If you need lower bass response or the ability to fill a larger room, try the Harbeth C7




  • Frequency Response: 75Hz-20kHz ±3dB in free space
  • Sensitivity: 83.5 dB @ 1 watt
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Drivers
    • 4.5" RADIAL bass/midrange
    • .75" ferro cooled high frequency driver
  • Enclosure Design: Sealed Enclosure
  • Suggested Amplifier Power: 15 watts minimum
  • Maximum Power: 50 Watts
  • Placement: Greater than 12" from rear wall
  • Dimensions: 12" high x 7.5" wide x 7.2" deep
  • Weight: 6.1kg each, unboxed

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  • 5

    Posted by Rob Gillette on 7th Jun 2022

    These are fabulous speakers and sound huge even with the small form factor.