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PranaWire Emerald Super Enhanced Ground Plane

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PranaWire Emerald Super Enhanced Ground Plane (Silver)

Audio Grounding Box


The PranaWire Emerald Super Enhanced Ground Plane (SEGP) differentiates itself from the Emerald-C in the implementation of a SILVER Enhanced Ground Plane as opposed to copper, and the box construction being hardwood. Like the Emerald-C, it has 4 binding posts and can accommodate up to 12 audio components.

pranawire emerald plus ground plane

As with all PranaWire Super Enhanced Ground Planes, you will enjoy greater stage depth, 3 dimensional resolution, specificity of instruments' location in space and vastly quieter background. The Emerald with it's 4 binding posts and silver ground plane exhibits an even lower noise floor than the Emerald-C, with even greater low level information retrieval.

Plus Version

The Plus Version of the Emerald adds a Duelund CAST silver capacitor to the circuit for additional noise reduction. 

duelund-cast capacitor

Ground: Chassis vs Signal - Digital vs. Analog

We recommend separating chassis ground from signal ground. Chassis ground is usually a safety ground for incoming power, and signal ground is for, well, the signal. Most high end audio components separate the two, so keep them separate when connecting to the Emerald.

The same goes for digital vs. analog components. Keep the grounds from these components separate from one another as well for best performance. 


  • Try on your wireless router connected to your audio system. 
  • Do not mix chassis ground with signal ground. Most high end audio components separate the chassis (AC) ground from the signal ground. Mixing the 2 on the Ruby Ground Plane will be a sonic step backwards.
  • Keep digital component grounds separate from Analog