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Pranawire Photon USB

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Pranawire Photon USB

Audiophile USB Cable

One of our favorite USB cables. NOTE: This cable is somewhat stiff. Please allow extra length for larger diameter bends if necessary.


The cable that interfaces computer or server and DAC is perhaps the most vulnerable of all cables in the system. Parasitic noise from the source and ambient and radiated noise from the environment conspire to mask signal. It is important to remember that the “Ones and Zeros” of a digital stream are delivered as an analog waveform that is subject to all of the same ills that any analog cable is subject to, and that when decoded, the presence or absence of noise will
influence how well the decoder behaves. With the Photon USB cable we have applied principles from our other highly successful designs, capturing and immobilizing self-generated and parasitic noise, shielding against the influences of ambient and radiated noise and treating for the ill effects of vibration. This results in the presentation of highly dense, relaxed and natural sounding information that is extremely musical, deeply satisfying and that reveals the original
recording with utmost precision and fidelity.

  • Pure Silver Signal Conductors
  • Multi-layered, quad-shield construction for maximum shielding and noise absorption
  • Custom Vibration Damping 
  • Highest grade gold plated phospor bronze connectors and custom housing 
  • Double Cryogenic pre treatment 
  • Audio Dharma Cable Cooker post construction conditioning for optimum performance 

The Sound

The Pranawire Photon USB cable reveals recordings with ultimate clarity, transparency and speed. Spatial cues and ambient information are abundant, but also exhibit the highest density of timbral, spatial and ambient information. This leaves an overall spatial characteristic and tonality that is relaxed, organic and non-electronic sounding.