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The Highest degree of Signal Integrity

Every PranaWire product has been engineered to produce the highest degree of signal integrity with the lowest possible noise. Careful attention has been given to every aspect of the cable's design and construction. Cable geometries were designed to maximize EMI and RFI rejection. Materials were selected that provide the greatest conduction, propagation velocity and stability. Shielding configurations and their terminations were invented to further reduce the influence of noise, and hundreds of hours were spent listening, improving and listening again.

Whether selecting PranaWire's Cosmos with its 24 individual layers of insulating material or our flagship Avatar with its fine silver core and 51 drain point quad copper encapsulation shield, you can be certain that every detail has been meticulously engineered, tested and executed.

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Made to Order

Due to the demanding manufacturing process, custom materials and intricate nature of their design, all Pranawire products are made to order. Only the Photon USB is readily stocked and sold through our shopping cart system. All other cables are sold through our Studio or via consultation over the phone. These are no ordinary cables, and as such knowledge of your system and your tastes are of utmost importance.


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