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Hapa Audio Aero AG USB

The ultimate in sound quality. Aero Ag USB uses the exact same design as Aero Cu USB, with the exception of the data core. The data core uses a pure silver UPOCC nano-polished data pair. With the new Nano-polishing tech and a keener understanding of how to use Aerogel dielectrics, Aero Ag offers absolutely stunning resolution without brightness or hollowness in the midrange. In fact, Aero Ag is superior to Aero Cu in every way. Depth, dimensionality, dynamics and texture are all drastically increased with Aero Ag USB over Aero Cu USB.
Quite frankly, both of these designs score the highest marks in fidelity. Aero Ag USB adds a degree of realism, dynamics, and dimensionality that can only be achieved with silver, Nano-polishing, and Aerogel dielectric, Aero Ag USB represents Hapa Audio’s first statement product.

Hapa utilizes the only USB connector on the market that properly shields the USB terminations to a high enough degree to be included with Aero, the venerable Viborg USB A and B connectors. The solid cast alloy barrels allow the sensitive wire/connector interface to be both mechanically and electrically secure. 24 karat gold plated connectors offer a secure and stable interface with your gear.

Product Highlights

  • Pure Silver UPOCC nano-polished data core
  • 7 layer shield
  • Aerogel dialectric
  • Data core physically separate from common, 5v, and shield
  • Shielded, 24k gold plated USB connectors

In-Home Auditions

We offer in-home auditions of this product and strongly encourage anyone seriously considering this to take advantage.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

.75m, 1.5m, 1m


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