Audience aR2p-T4 Adept Response

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Audience aR2p-T4 Adept Response


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Audience aR2p-T4 Adept Response 

Audiophile Power Conditioning

What’s New With The Audience aR2P T4

Audience is proud to formally announce the release of the NEW T3 and T4 adeptResponse power conditioners. The T3 and T4 replace existing TS and TSSOX models, respectfully, with significant enhancement to performance resulting from improvements in the design of Audience Aura-TR (previously Aura-TO) filter capacitors. The new Aura-TR capacitors are more resolute, more dynamic and provide a more distinct sound stage. Whereas the T3 is the new “standard” Teflon conditioner, the T4 is the top version that includes several more technologies for all out performance.

Hidden Treasure AC Receptacles

In addition to the Aura-TR capacitors, the T4 series includes new Audience Hidden Treasure duplex receptacles and is treated throughout by Audience’s proprietary Ultra High Voltage Process. Singularly, each of these three new technologies provides a notable improvement. However, in combination, these three new technologies, achieve a truly stunning result. The Audience Hidden Treasure duplexes set a new benchmark in the world of AC outlets. The HT duplexes, compared to the previous rhodium/copper outlets, are more resolute yet smoother at the same time. They are more rich and analog sounding much like going from CD to LP. Selling as a standalone product at $199 each, we feel that the HT duplexes are the very best available AC outlets, bar none!

audience hidden treasure ac

Proprietary UHV Process

The entire circuit of the T4 is treated by an Audience proprietary Ultra High Voltage process. This treatment delivers voltages upwards of 1 million volts at specific pulse modulations, frequencies and amplitudes, in differing ratios, to individual, and all combined conductive constituents. This unique and special process creates predictable paths through the crystalline grain structure of the various metals, including connection points, and provides a continuity and integrity to the complete AC path. The audible result of the UHVP is one of improved resolution, dynamics, and more pristine sound stage.

S Filter

The T4 also includes 1) the previously optional S filter, a large core passive balun transformer providing additional filtering over a broader frequency spectrum down into the critical 20-30Hz range and 2) Audience Au24 SX 6-nines OCC powerChord wire throughout.

The T4 and T3 both contain long standing Audience features like:

  • Star wired ground plane
  • micro-vibration damping of all fitter capacitors
  • gold over copper lug connectors
  • cryogenic treatment throughout the entire AC circuit
  • Low Impedance Magnetic Circuit Breakers

low impedance magnetic circuit breaker

The Audience aR2P T4 contains a heavy duty low impedance magnetic circuit breaker and special proprietary invisible surge protection. PowerChords are connected via locking 20A Neutrik AC Powercon connectors for the finest AC powerChord connection, bar none.

Wideband Filtration

The aR2p T4 employs wide bandwidth RF filtration. By reducing power line noise interference the adeptResponse provides a lower noise floor and blacker background, resulting in a higher resolution audio/video presentation.

Non-Current Limiting

Since power must respond quickly and completely to the demands of program material, it is imperative that power conditioning components present the lowest possible impedance power path while providing wide bandwidth noise reduction. Conventional power conditioners simply cannot approach the bandwidth/impedance characteristics of the Adept Response while still offering effective noise filtration and high voltage surge protection.

aR2P Comparison

  aR2p aR2p-T3 aR2p-T4
Auricap XO+
Film Capacitors
Teflon Capacitors
Standard Filter  
OFC Internal
Power Wiring
Internal Power Wiring
Hospital Grade
Hubbell Outlets
Hidden Treasure
Premium Duplex Outlets
Proprietary Rhodium
Plated Copper
Wall Plug
Wattgate Rhodium
Plated Copper
Wall Plug
Circuit Breaker
Each Outlet
Fully Filtered
Cryogenic Treatment
Ultra High Voltage Process    

Weight 3 lbs

1 review for Audience aR2p-T4 Adept Response

  1. Jeff Nelson

    Had the aR2-4T connected to my Hegel C55 power for about 270 hours so far . Had definitely take the sound quality upwards ! Noise floor has dropped , more separation of instruments when playing music . Better depth and detail to music and movies .

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