Audience AU24 SX Power Chord (metric)

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Audience AU24 SX Power Chord (metric)


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Audience AU24 SX Power Chord – 10 AWG, Metric Lengths

Audio Power Cable

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“Audience’s Latest flagship wire offers midrange weight and sweetness, vivid dynamic contrasts, excellent transient speed, sensitivity to delicate volume gradations, and a brilliance that casts light into the deepest corners of the soundstage, restoring air and lift to harmonics. A particular strength for all Audience cables is an often hard-to-achieve blend of tactile presence and back-of-the-hall reverberation. The Au24 SX strikes a fluid and natural balance of ease, articulation, and immersiveness. Flexible and easy to handle, too.” – Neil Gader, The Abslute Sound


“The Au24 SX struck a fluid and natural balance of ease, articulation, and immersiveness.”
High end- Audio Buyer’s Guide 2018


6 Nines Copper, Double Cryo

The AU24SX powerChord is made with 6 nines pure OCC copper in the very highest quality XLPE insulation and is double cryogenically treated in house. This wire geometry is an advanced design that the late Roger Sheker and John McDonald put over a year into developing and testing various samples. There are two 13 AWG wires per leg in the 10 AWG SX powerChord. Historically Audience has not been a proponent of shielding power cords due to reduction in dynamics. However, we found that the ultimate result is to shield the ground leg only. So each of the two ground wires is shielded and then insulated in Teflon.

The SX powerChord is beautiful in appearance while retaining high flexibility and ease of use that all previous Audience powerChords are known for. Audience utilizes the very highest quality Furutech FI-50 NCF (Nano Crystal Fiber) connectors. These beautiful AC connectors yield the best sound Audience has experienced.

The standard SX powerChord gauge is 10 AWG that will list for $4,600 at 6 ft., +/- $180 per foot.

Weight 4 lbs
Audience PowerChord Length Option (metric)

1 meter, 1.25 meter, 1.5 meter, 1.75 meter, 2 meter


15 amp iec, 20 amp iec


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