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Bybee Quantum Clarifiers


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Bybee Quantum Clarifiers

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“The play of “Ju Ju” from Gretchen Parlato’s “Live in NYC,” was embodied with a undeniable naturalness and it was obvious that the noise floor had dropped considerably. Dynamic content has more impact, from the strike of a piano key to the strike of a drum. Subtle details were far more obvious than during previous plays, emanating out of a denser blackness. The system responded as though the volume had been increased… it had not…

Blog: Creating your “Bubble” with speaker placement, acoustic treatments, and soundstage enhancing tweaks

The Bybee Quantum Clarifier has slightly more power than the iQSE, but does not have the pretty wooden case.  It is essentially a thin 2″ x 2″ x 1/4″ square that is reported to produce Incredible gains in naturalness, and detail when placed on the backside of a loudspeaker driver magnet or frame (not on the cone please), and equally as effective on component transformers.

Jack’s original intent for the Quantum Clarifier was to create a device that would reduce eddy currents and stray magnetic flux when placed on transformers. So it makes sense that they would work on loudspeakers and transformers.

Quantum Clarifier

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3 reviews for Bybee Quantum Clarifiers

  1. Mick

    Placed the IQSE 11 over the power supply of my Esoteric K-05Xs SACD Player. Sensational results immediately; music much more vibrant and micro-details even more enhanced.Will order another IQSE 11 for my Integrated Amp as soon as possible.Highly recommended!

  2. Mick

    Placed my second IQSE 11 near the power transformer in my Esoteric F-05 Integrated amp. Stunning results all round and all the audio reproduction boxes well and truly ticked. A great product and great value!

  3. Chuck B

    These puoducts are amazing. Best place is on the speaker driver magnets. I put them on both the tweeter and woofers. The also work great on the DC chokes in my CD player. I put two on each choke. Also work great in your fuse box. I put them right on the main line lugs. Be careful on this placement. Full voltage and mega amps!

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