Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer – Wood Version


Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer – Wood Version


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Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer – Wood Version

New Version

This new wooden version of the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer replaces the popular black acrylic model.  Like the original model, this QSE is activated by surrounding electromagnetic energy, but has also been designed and engineered to be more effective by creating an extended electric and magnetic field.  Once activated, the extended electric and magnetic fields affects the polarity of all electrons and protons in close proximity; affecting their oscillation by making them more aligned with each other.  This reaction creates an affect that makes the transfer or sharing of electrons between atoms more streamlined and efficient.  The results are a stunningly enhanced purity and energy of the video or audio signal. Of note, the active elements inside the QSE are specially formed crystals that are resistant to damage and will never lose their effectiveness.

 It measures approximately 4″ wide x 6″ long x 1/4″ high.


“What you will hear if you are patient is sound that is grain and noise free with enhanced transparency. A wide open and seamless sound filled the space between my Wilson MAX II speakers as never before. Not only that, musical forces became incrementally more tactile and immediate. Joni Mitchell’s vocals on her seminal Blue album took(all referenced music is via LPs) on a more tangible, three dimensional quality, as did Stephen Still’s distinctive guitar. Mitchell’s vocals were brought into greater relief and the QSE made it obvious that she overdubbed her own background vocals on “Cary”, whereas before her vocals were slightly indistinct and homogenized. I heard the same immediacy playing Nick Drake’s Pink Moon, Norah Jones’’ Come Away with Me, and the Weavers Reunion at Carnegie Hall, to name just a few. To be clear, by immediacy, I mean a sense of abiding presence coupled with a slight projection of images.” – StereoMojo Review

“I decided to add these Enhancers one at a time to my system which was already tweaked out with an arsenal of devices like the Stein Harmonizers, Novum Resonators, IPC Energizers, Shakti Stones and Hallographs, Bybee Speaker Bullets and more. I chose to begin my experiment with 5 Enhancers which I felt was a reasonable number and would show their capabilities.

I put my first Bybee Enhancer under my PS Audio DSD DAC. The Enhancer created a noticeable  improvement to the sound that went way beyond its $119 asking price. I put the second one under my Wells Audio Innamorata stereo amplifier. And again, I heard an increase in musicality and image clarity with less grain and more natural harmonics.” – StereoTimes Review of the Quantum Signal Enhancers

How to use the Quantum Signal Enhancer

Tip: the QSE’s take time to settle in. They may at first sound a little muted or accentuate upper midband frequencies. They tend to settle in after 12 hours or so.

The Bybee QSE is typically placed under/over any kind of power cord or signal cable.  It can be used on televisions, computers, audio equipment; medical equipment or any other source.  It is also highly effective when used under/over audio and video components such as CD or DVD players, preamplifiers and amplifiers. It can be placed in any position, and direction of face is not important.  The QSE does not necessariy need to be in direct contact with a component to be effective. Also, the plastic packaging, if left in place, does not have an effect on the performance.

The QSE is activated by all forms of surrounding energy.  For that reason, the QSE works best when in close proximity to power cords, components, or any other source. This flexibility means that one QSE may be used with multiple cords and/or cables. 

Cumulative Benefits

The benefits of the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer are cumulative. The more signal enhancers used in a given environment, the more noticeable the benefits will be.

What You Will See and Hear

 Video Systems

Even the best high definitiion television or any kind of imaging monitor will display better contrast, visual detail and color fidelity. The Signal Enhancer also produces clearer sound that renders dialogue more clearly and music more beautifully.

Audio Systems

In audio systems the Bybee Signal Enhancers are effective under power cords, interconnects and speaker cables as well as under or on top of audio components. Bass frequencies are faster and more impactful. High frequencies become more extended, open and natural without edginess. The critical midrange sounds more musical, more liquid and less “electronic”. The overall presentation of imaging and soundstaging becomes both more precise and more enveloping – the listening environment delivers a much more persuasive “you are there” experience.

Auditioning the Signal Enhancers

Contact us to audition the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancers today by emailing us, or calling 888-998-9335. We can lend out up to two, for a period of 7 days.


Q: I have Bybee Quantum Purifiers throughout my system, will the AV Enhancers still provide a benefit?

A: YES. The AV Enhancers are completely different from Bybee Quantum Purifiers and work on a different type of noise. The effects are additive and very positive.

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.5 in

11 reviews for Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer – Wood Version

  1. Chris Stevenson

    These devices do what they claim they can do. They cleaned up the sound considerably, resulting in a more detailed, natural sound (louder, even at the same volume level). Where you locate/position them makes a huge difference – experiment. Best of all, no cords, no batteries, no muss no fuss. Very easy to install (zero labor). Most highly recommended! I have 15. I may buy more.

  2. Bill R.

    I purchased one, but will probably end up with four or five. Reason being, they work on speaker level which most likely will be best with two. They work on tube amp power transformers, and individual components.
    What I hear is a refinement in focus, mostly in the lead instrument or vocal. They are less dispersed and more legible. The instrument or voice sound more complete and captures the venue with more realism. My four star rating instead of five is because the effect is relatively small, but this is again, using just one Enhancer. I hear no negative effects such as suppressed highs or skewing of the sound, rather just the opposite, which is good.

  3. Chris Stevenson

    This is a follow-up to my initial review. Yes, I did buy more of these gizmos. Try placing them directly on the wires that carry the electricity to your Stereo. I have 2 dedicated lines (one for “front end” and one for the amplifier). Placing them on the power line that enters your Electric Panel Box also yields great benefits. I don’t care how “clean” you think your power is, it (and the sound of your Stereo) will truly benefit from adding these units to it. I have 4 on each dedicated line – more to follow!

  4. ozzy

    I liked them so much that I bought 11 of them!

    One is placed over the breakers. One each under my 2 DIY power strips.
    I have one each under each of my Audio components. I used some Cardas blocks to get the Bybees up as close as possible to the underside of the component.

    On the Video, I have one each under my cable modem, cable box, Blu Ray, and attached one to my TV.

    Surprisingly there is a break in time, which makes it a little hard to decide on final placement.
    The Video improvement was instantaneous, but the Audio took a few days to open up.

  5. Anonymous

    Started with 3….good start…bought 2 more, and….I put them over the transformers of my components… all the way through the chain. much improved imaging, blacker backgrounds, more fluid, organic… I wont be taking them out that’s for sure….

  6. Leonard Borden

    The Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancers produced a remarkable improvement in the video quality of my system and auditioning them will not be a waste of your time.

    I have been involved with audio/video hobby for forty years and tweeking or tuning a system has been a big part of my efforts to achieve an immersive experience. I have had more disappointments from products that did not live up to their hyperbolic claims than positive experiences, but the Bybees surpassed my expectations and in my video system produced a remarkable improvement in detail and depth of focus. I trust my ability to judge video improvement over audio improvement, so my comments are limited to video, although I believe the Bybees “sweetened” the sound, I was so stunned by the improvement that 4 Bybees made that I ordered 4 more and saw additional improvement.The improvement comes in a system that I have already spent a great deal of time tuning from the outlet to the television.

    How tweeked is my system? Starting from the outlet, I have a Monster Power AVS 2000 voltage stabilizer. I plug my BPT-3 power conditioner ( into the AVS 2000. My OPPO 105D BluRay player is plugged into the BPT-3 as is my Samsung TV. The TV has been calibrated. I use a Nordost purple power chord for the TV and Shunyatta chord for the OPPO. All my power chords are covered in ERS tape and Z-sleeves. I have added extra ERS cloth to shield everything but the TV. I use vibration dampers and have added Dynamat to the Avs 2000 and BPT-3. Like I said, already tweeked. Yet the Bybees produced a dramatic improvement in picture quality.

    I have three tests for evaluating an addition to my system that I have evolved after much frustration in trying to interpret and apply the information found in stereo magazines or on line.

    1. Does the new addition give me goose bumps when I listen or watch.

    2. Does the new addition make me want to pull out all my old software and listen/watch my old favorites.

    3. Do my friends, who are not audiophiles or videophiles respond when they experience my system by saying:”I didn’t know they could do that”

    Listening critically, to prove I can hear small differences tires me out and defeats the point of trying to create an immersive experience. The Bybees allowed me to see a level of facial detail that I did not know was possible on TV. (If you think about it, unless you have access to professional equipment that has been properly calibrated where would you go to experience how good TV quality can be.) All of us can tell the difference between looking at someone through a window versus looking at the same person on a video monitor. The Bybees got my TV closer to a window. Within minutes I went from evaluating to just watching.

    To summarize: If you have tweeked your system and want to see if you can improve it, an audition of the Bybees will not be a waste of your time and may just astonish you.

  7. Tim Landis

    The Bybee Quantum signal enhancers work great and very easy to place,I have the Shakti stones as well but I think the Bybees may add a little more dynamics and openness.they seem to work well together and the Bybees are even cheaper in price.
    A Great Tweek,highly recommended.

  8. Tim Landis

    Very small,easy to place,and a very very reasonable price.You will here a positive difference in the sound right away.Place under or on top of power cables,inter connects.will sound better after they settle in.I suggest 5 to start with.(:

  9. Phil

    Cost effective tweak that simply made everything sound better and harmonious. Ended up buying 16 total for 2 separate locations!

  10. Jose R.

    I placed one each atop my Hephaestus Audio monoblocks. I was expecting a very subtle difference that I would have to strain to discern after many hours of breaking in. That was very much not the case. The effect was not subtle at all. It was the equivalent of a component upgrade. Certainly many times the price I paid for these. Greatly expanded and much darker soundstage. Greater clarity and detail of voices and instruments. Voices have a spooky holographic someone is in your room quality. Cymbal decay lingers on like I have never noticed before. Powerful, compelling bass. I can’t believe two index card sized pieces of wood could have such a dramatic effect on my system. Extremely happy with this purchase.

  11. Michael Sadighpour

    This is a great tweek that does something others don’t. It adds a cohesiveness to the overall sound and reduces digital glare from digital sources for a more analog, lifelike playback. So you get digital’s positive of consistency and accuracy and vinyl’s warmth from the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer. I use one under my Modem / Router combo and another under my Upton Audio Etherregen ethernet switch to great effect.

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