Craft Audio 9 Gauge Power Cord 1.5m


Craft Audio 9 Gauge Power Cord 1.5m


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Craft Audio 9 Gauge Power Cord

Versatile. Balanced. Affordable.



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  • 1.5 m length
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The 9 Gauge power cord is wonderful. The sound is balanced, with great bass, lively, present mids and non fatiguing highs. It sounds great on our tube amps, solid state amps, DACs, streamers and phono stages. It will not “wow” you with any one particular trait, rather, it’s the balance that makes it special. Many times we have been wowed by a particular sonic trait of a cord, and then went a little wild, buying one for each component on our system. Only to discover that what was wowing us was an emphasis on a certain sonic aspect. Perhaps it was a sparkly, airy treble that became overbearing, or a midrange presence that became harsh and ringing. You get the point. This cord will not do that. It’s superpower is neutrality and balance, along with holographic imaging if its in the recording, liquid midrange if it’s in the recording, and tight, tuneful bass if it is in the recording.

The Cable

We use a shielded 5 nines copper cable. There are 16 total solid core conductors in a unique geometry for a total of 9AWG. We have compared this to higher purity copper designs, that did not prove to sound better despite their claims. There is a lot more to how a cable presents music than the purity of the conductors. Individual conductor gauge, overall gauge, geometry, dialectric, stranded vs. solid core, plating and termination. ALL of these things contribute to a cable’s sonic presentation. Often times more than how pure the copper or silver is.

The Connectors

We use Furutech FI-50 NCF connectors. They are actually the bulk of the expense in this cable, but their performance is undeniable. They really allow the conductors to show their true potential.

The Magic

The magic of the 9AWG cable is the use of QSA crystals. The select color of crystals we use opens the sound up for more resolution, naturalness and 3d soundstaging.

If you are in the market for a well made, ultra-high value power cord that is balanced, engaging, holographic, and you don’t need to leverage your house to buy it, this may be exactly what you are looking for.

Weight 4 lbs

1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2 meter


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