Forte F5 PowerChord

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Forte F5 PowerChord


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Audience Forte F5 PowerChord 


Building on a selection of long-term proprietary designs, Audience offers the forte f5 powerChord at an exemplary price/performance level. The f5 includes a special 6 conductor interface design that rejects noise, enhancing a well balanced musical presentation. The construction is 10 AWG aggregate high purity stranded copper providing ease in handling while delivering a very high degree of low level information. The dielectric is ultra high quality XLPE and is cryogenically treated resulting in high conductivity and signal preservation.

Additionally, one can treat their Forte F5 with Audience’s proprietary “M” treatment, usually reserved for the higher end PowerChords. This treatment improves upon the decay, air and space capabilities of the forte F5.

Overall, the Forte F5 offers a warm sonic balance. It is great for digital components, subwoofers, and the KEF powered wireless speakers. Tweak the cord further with a QSA Jitter AC adapter. A Yellow or Violet Jitter AC adapter will add naturalness and 3 dimensionality to the presentation. You will think you just upgraded to a $2500 + power cord with this combination.

violet jitter adapter
 yellow or Violet QSA Jitter AC adapter will elevate the performance of the Forte F5
far beyond your investment.

Weight 3 lbs
Audience Forte F5 length

1.25 meter, 1.75 meter, 2.5 meter

Audience Fort F5 M Treatment

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