Crystal Gold LAN Adapter Pair

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Crystal Gold LAN Adapter Pair


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QSA Gold LAN Adapter – Set of 2

The QSA LAN Adapters are meant to attach to both ends of your Ethernet cable.  That means you get one source end, and one destination end. They are treated with the same process as the Jitter AC adapters, and have a similar effect. 

Most notable sonic improvements are a dramatic increase in soundstage width, depth, resolution and naturalness of the sound. If you already have an audiophile network switch or router, the LAN adapter will allow you to take advantage of the QSA sound without reinvesting in new Ethernet switches or routers.

A Word on Break-In

The higher the performance QSA product, the longer the break in period required. The QSA Gold LAN adapter is no different, and being the top tier QSA product, it will require 60+ days of break in time. We have broken in units available for in-home audition.

Weight 1 lbs


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