Innuos Statement NextGen Power Supply Upgrade

Innuos Statement NextGen Power Supply Upgrade


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Innuos Statement NextGen Power Supply Upgrade

We are proud to share with you a Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade for the flagship Statement Music Server and Streamer. This Upgrade is the result of Innuos ongoing Research and Development efforts in close collaboration with Innuos’ long-term partner Dr. Sean Jacobs. The impressive improvement in sound quality is achieved by an innovative Power Supply design and significant component upgrades.

The Details On The Upgrade

The Statement Power section uses two custom-designed ARC6 AC/DC modules – each containing a new high-precision Active Rectifier board, a massive 10mH DC Choke and almost 4 times more capacitance provided by six Mundorf caps. The ARC6 modules are mounted on the new Adaptive Vibration Control (AVC) platform, a combination of Panzerholz wood with a specific density gel layer, which is highly effective at dampening high-frequency vibration coming from the chassis.

In the Server section of the power supply, the Regulator modules include a dedicated CPU Booster module, providing up to 15A of current to the CPU for faster transients. All rails are further smoothed by new Audio Note KAISEI capacitors benefitting all the main components: Motherboard, USB Reclocker, Ethernet Clock module and SSD.

The results are crystal clear: Increased realism with even more detailed textures, expansive soundstage and improved dynamics.

The STATEMENT PSU Upgrade is available as an option for both new or existing units.

The Process of Upgrading Your Statement

  • How long will the process take? It will take about 3 weeks to upgrade your power supply.
  • Do I need to send my entire Statement back for the upgrade? No. Innuos will need your Power Supply only, not the streamer. So only one box to send back to Innuos for the upgrade.
  • Who pays for shipping? If you upgrade through Tweek Geek, we will offer to pay shipping one way, while you will pay for return shipping.
  • How does this all work?
    • You purchase the upgrade and box up your Statement
    • We will send you a shipping label (UPS, Insured) and customs documentation for shipping your Statement Power Supply to Innuos.
    • Once Innuos receives your power supply, it will be approximately 3 weeks until your upgrade is completed.
    • Once we have the return shipping costs calculated from Innuos, we will invoice you for the return shipping
    • Upon payment of return shipping your Statement Power Supply will be shipped directly back to you.
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