Levar Resonance Magnetic Absorbers – LR50 HA


Levar Resonance Magnetic Absorbers – LR50 HA


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Levar Resonance Magnetic Absorbers (LR50 HA)

Vibration Isolation for Audio Components & Loudspeakers

Priced Per Set Of 4, Height Adjustable

Our take: We tried these under our streamer and DAC at the store, and were immediately impressed with the expansion of the soundstage that they managed to allow the components to portray. Be sure to pay attention to the weight of your component and get the appropriately sized footer. You want the footer to be at least 50% loaded for the benefits to really reveal themselves.


  • 40 kg / 88 lbs per absorber
  • (max. 50 kg / 110 lbs)


  • Devices to 160 kg / 350 lbs
  • (max. 200 kg / 440 lbs)

The LEVAR Magnetic Resonance Absorber feet use magnetic attraction, NOT repulsion to achieve their isolation properties. Conventional magnetic bases are based on repulsion, and this creates issues with remaining centered. With the LEVAR magnetic vibration absorbers, a piston moves within a magnetic ring and is stabilized by attraction, which automatically centers the piston. This makes these absorbers highly resilient and stable, and allows the  manufacture of devices with extremely compact dimensions.

A special feature of this magnetic damper is the complete decoupling of components from even the smallest and finest resonances and vibrations emanating from the supporting floor into the device, and vice versa. In this way, undesirable microphonic effects are avoided. 


Threaded for speakers

All LR magnetic feet are equipped with an approximately 17 mm deep M8 internal thread. There are adapters available that will allow one to connect the appropriate load bearing Levar vibration damper to a loudspeaker.

Advantages of Levar Magnetic Absorbers

  • Unique and patented functionality
  • Purely magnetic oscillation and vibration damping
  • Audio component rests as if on a cushion of air
  • Self-leveling system (no wobbling and vibration)
  • No bouncing or rocking
  • Significant sound improvement in all frequency ranges
  • High insensitivity to external interference
  • Optimum resonance decoupling from the floor space
  • High load capacity of up to 50 kg per foot
  • Total carrying capacity can be increased at will with additional dampers
  • No signs of aging or fatigue
  • Loadable in both pressure and tension directions
  • Very stable design (important for slim and high floorstanding speakers)
  • Suitable for free standing or can be screwed to the component using a thread
  • Optically inconspicuous due to the very compact size


Weight 4 lbs


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