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Matrix 2


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Wireworld Matrix 2

Shielded power distribution

The Wireworld Matrix 2 is a great power extender. It multiplies the number of available outlets for your audio system and DOES NO HARM to the AC being fed to your components. It simply distributes AC and adds nor takes away anything to the sound. It is star wired with Wireworld OFC copper for maximum current delivery.


Weight 3 lbs

1 review for Matrix 2

  1. Matt

    The unit is well made, with the chassis being sturdy aluminum. The three outlets are star wired, which was a reason why I purchased this. I have read reviews elsewhere about the contacts not gripping the plugs, but this was not my experience. I have the power supply from a Cambridge DAC Magic100, an iFi SPDIF purifier, and the iFi Micro iTube (original) plugged in, and the grip is about what I would want. Firm, but not overly so. I have a Pangea AC14 SE MKII power cord in the IEC inlet and it grips the same. The inlet is for a C13 connector. The unit was easy to take apart (there are mounting brackets at each end, help in place with 2 screws each; and the brackets are bi-directional so there is some options for mounting or being more of a space saving design). I lined the inside pretty heavily with Stillpoints ERS cloth, wrapped in electrical tape. An easy ‘tweek.’ As for sound it is hard for me to answer that question, because I had the new power cord (Pangea AC14 SE MKII) and the Stillpoints ERS cloth inside, but it was an obvious improvement in terms of less noise and high frequency hash that makes treble sound lousy and that makes low level stuff harder to hear, etc. I cant see how the star wiring scheme could be anything but beneficial for my front end stuff with their power supplies, and especially when I have read about what a big deal about getting rid of component to component interference is, so on that account I feel that this was a poor mans find. I contacted the manufacturer two times via E-mail, but they did not respond so that was a bummer. If money permits I would like to give this unit a try for my home theater/blu ray under the same guise as the component to component separation.

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