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Modwright KWA 150SE


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Modwright KWA 150 SE

High End Audio Power Amplifier

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“…Firstly, imaging is simply wonderful, every instrument firmly in place, which makes it so much easier to make sense of really complex music. Secondly, the quality of the sound, its speed, definition, colour and power is fully maintained right across the frequency spectrum, from the deepest bass to the highest notes.”modwright kwa 150 se

Modwright KWA 150 Signature Edition

Modwright has taken the already incredibly performing KWA 150 power amplifier and applied nearly two years of additional R&D and thought into how to further improve upon the award-winning KWA 150 power amplifier.

If your speakers are power hungry, or difficult to drive, this is your amp.

The KWA 150 Signature Edition offers 150 watts into 8 ohms and 250 watts into 4 ohms. There is a mono switch located on the back of the amplifier that allows you to bridge the output to a massive 450 watts into 8 ohms and 650 watts into 4. A pair of KWA 150’s bridged in mono should be able to handle any speaker with ease.

The KWA 150 uses no global feedback, is direct-coupled, fully differential, dual-mono design that is designed and built in the USA.



“…the amp has settled in very nicely and I’ve REALLY enjoyed listening to my system over the past month – it’s doing all the things you said it would do! The dynamics and lower noise floor (I’m assuming these go hand-in-hand) are most noticeable – maybe an increase in separation, as well – whatever it’s doing, it’s doing it WELL! I was listening to a RR of Clark Terry w/ ‘big band’ today and the dynamics are incredible…”

kwa 150 signature rear

Improvements Over The Original KWA 150

  • Upgraded model of Lundahl input transformer for improved speed and dynamics.
  • Circuit design revisions to input circuits that lower distortion and improve dyanmics and resolution.
  • Cryo-treated, solid core ultra-pure input wiring and 12GA stranded audio-grade output signal wire to binding posts.
  • Revised capacitor bank (current storage design) that increases total storage (capacitance) and also lowers power supply impedance, which translates to faster current delivery to the output stage.

Sonic Improvements

  • A more open and resolving overall presentation.
  • Tighter and faster bass and transients.
  • Improved speed and dynamics, whilst still retaining tube-like midrange qualities.
  • Improved soundstage and low-level cues due to an even LOWER noise floor.

KWA 150 SE Features

  • Fully dual-mono internal design, including separate power transformers, power supplies and input and output stages for ideal separation and exceptional soundstage.
  • Chassis design and internal layout optimized for lowest possible noise floor, providing greater micro-detail and micro-dynamics for a natural and organics sonic presentation.
  • Fully discrete ‘Solid State Music Stage’ design by Alan Kimmel, offering midrange of tubes as well as muscle and speed of solid state design.
  • Zero global Negative feedback.
  • (24) High Current ‘Thermatltrak’ Bi-Polar output devices for extreme linearity and speed.
  • Over 180,000uf total power supply capacitance reserves for deep and tuneful bass.
  • Lundahl Input Transformer coupled floating ground design, preventing ground loops and isolation from ground mains, for exceptionally low noise floor.
  • RCA and XLR inputs transformer coupled to fully balanced circuitry.
  • Proprietary protection circuitry operating completely outside of signal path, protecting both amplifier and associated system components with ZERO impact on sonics.
  • DC input and output protection
  • Over-current protection.
  • Output short-circuit protection.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • Proprietary ‘RFB’ circuit to protect amp in case of single rail fuse failure
  • Class A-AB operation.
  • Bias optimized for low distortion, heat and sonics, allowing for lower operating temperatures, and ideal sonic presentation.
  • Pure copper pcb traces, offering the lowest possible impedance.
  • Extremely short signal paths and highest quality MWI capacitors and audio grade signal path components for sonic purity.

Modwright kwa 150 signature


  • Dimensions: 17″Wx17″Dx9″H; Weight 84lb packed.
  • Power: 150W @ 8ohms; 250W @ 4 ohms; 450W @ 8 ohms bridged mono; 650W @ 4 ohms bridged mono. ALL power ratings at .05% THD!
  • Noise Floor: -100dB (Unweighted)
  • Bandwidth: 10Hz – 100Khz (+0, -1dB)
Weight 90 lbs

Black, Silver


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