Modwright LS 36.5

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Modwright LS 36.5


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Modwright LS 36.5

Audiophile Preamplifier

“…Dan seems to have found a successful formula for building eminently musical components that sacrifice little against the best money can buy, while also delivering exceptional value to audiophiles operating under a budget.” – Dagogo



The Modwright LS 36.5

Beautifully crafted, the LS 36.5 is as beholding to the eyes as it is to the ears. We highly recommend this preamp for anyone seeking the warmth and organic midrange of tubes, without losing the punch or high frequency extension of solid state. This is THE preamp to pair with any Class-D or solid state amplifier.

The LS 36.5 represents ModWright’s finest tube linestage performance, offering true balanced outputs and XLR inputs. This means long cable runs to one’s amplifiers is noise free using balanced cabling.

Remote volume control are standard, as is phase switching, also via remote!

The LS 36.5 takes sonic performance to the next level, offering a broader and deeper soundstage and a weightier presentation, compared to the 9.0SE. Refinements in power supply design, voltage regulation, and driver circuit design all serve to raise the bar. Refinements in grounding, transformer coupling and shielding also yield a 2 x lower noise floor than its SE predecessor.

Those wishing to take the performance of the LS 36.5 to the next level again, have the option of adding the PS 36.5 dual-mono, all-tube external power supply. This PS 36.5 features a complete dual-mono topology, including dual tube rectifiers and tube voltage regulation circuitry.


  • One set of XLR inputs
  • Four sets of RCA inputs
  • Two sets of RCA Main Outputs
  • One set of RCA Tape Outputs
  • One set of XLR balanced outputs
  • Front Panel controls include: Power, Input Select and Mute, Phase (also on remote), HT/BP
  • (Home Theater Bypass) and volume control (also on remote)
  • Custom MWI remote control for volume, phase and mute

LS 36.5 Technical Specifications

  • Tube complement: (2) 6H30 Russian Super Tubes, (1) 5AR4 rectifier
  • Tube rectified power supply
  • Gain: ~12dB
  • Input Impedance: 50Kohm
  • Output Impedance: 110ohm
  • Frequency Response 20Hz – 100Khz +/-1dB
  • Noise Level: -125dB
  • Choke loaded power supply
  • Discrete Constant Current Sourced B+ regulators
  • DC heaters
  • Gain Stage: Pure Class A, cathode bias ‘Mu’* gain/buffer stage with zero feedback
  • Power sequence: Mute delay turn on sequence with soft start for improved tube life
  • Volume Control: remote control Alps motorized volume control
  • Dimensions: 17-1/2″W x 12-1/2″D x 4-3/4″H
  • Weight: 27 lbs. (30 lbs. shipped)


Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 17.5 × 4.75 in

Black, Silver


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