Quantum Science Audio Yellow AC Receptacle

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Quantum Science Audio Yellow AC Receptacle


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QSA Yellow AC Receptacle

The Proof Lies In The Hearing


Our customers are raving about QSA AC receptacles. Expect a larger soundstage, more inner detail, and a more natural sounding presentation. The Yellow QSA AC has been beating the most popular brands and models of AC receptacles out there. We like the QSA AC receptacles because once they are installed, they just work. If you have been hesitant to install the QSA fuses because of the risk of blowing a fuse, the QSA AC receptacles come very close to the performance of the fuses, without the risk. Powering a system that already has QSA fuses with the QSA receptacles advances performance by a significant measure.

QSA Yellow AC 

After 22 years of research and development, QSA Has launched a series of audio enhancing products that are confounding listeners with the level of performance improvement that they are attaining with these modest looking devices. Through their proprietary processes and treatments, these normal looking outlets and fuses are transformed into paradigm shifting audio products. 

Using the same processes and treatments as their highly regarded fuses, Quantum Science Audio are applying similar treatment to their line of AC receptacles. The colored hierarchy is much the same as well. Their sonic effects on components plugged into the AC receptacles are also similar, and even more beneficial if you have QSA fuses in your components.

Quantum Science Audio 

The Yellow AC Receptacle is the entry level electrical outlet from QSA. It can go toe to toe with any other AC receptacle on the market, and costs less than the more exotic offerings from major audio receptacle manufacturers.

What You Will Hear

With All QSA Products the first thing you will notice is that the top end will open up with a sense of relaxation and ease.  There is just a rightness, a wholeness when there should be wholeness, and separation when it occurs naturally. Bass will be quicker, dynamic, and have more detail. Voices and instruments will appear more transparent but with more harmonic realism, flesh/wood/brass tone, and focus. The Yellow possesses all of these attributes, and you will hear them without straining. As you move up the line, you just get more. At times you might not think more exists, but it does. Everything you play, I don’t care how bad, harsh or fatiguing the recording, it will sound better and in many cases, it will actually be listenable rather than fatiquing.

A Word On Break In

Initially, the AC receptacle will be a little strident, but will settle in over the next few days.


Q: I already have (insert brand name here) power conditioner. How will a wall receptacle improve the sound if the AC has to run through the power conditioner before getting to the components?

A: All I can say is it does. It makes a system wide, huge difference. Even though the AC coming from the wall receptacle has to flow through all of the filtering of the power conditioner. Whatever the QSA receptacles are doing to eliminate noise, your power conditioner is not filtering the same noise, and it will not hinder the performance of the QSA receptacle. Your power conditioner and the QSA receptacle are working on two different levels, and types of noise. I guarantee you will hear a difference. 

Q: Should I get rid of my power conditioner then?

A: Maybe, but probably not. As I said, power conditioners provide RF filtering, and other benefits. The QSA receptacles seem to work on different types of noise. All I know is that there is a significant improvement in the sound, even if you keep your power conditioner. I would say experiment if you have the option to. Perhaps even audition one of Tweek Geek’s QSA power distributors along with the wall receptacle.

Need More Outlets?

Try the Tweek Geek built QSA Power Distributor. It houses 2 duplex receptacles, and also incorporates a QSA fuse.


Weight 1 lbs

3 reviews for Quantum Science Audio Yellow AC Receptacle

  1. ric

    I think I agree with TG’s perceptions stated in the product description, but after two listenings I am hearing what I would first describe simply as pleasing, which means that there is not one thing that stands out (detail, imaging, depth of image, musicality, bass improvement etc.) although it has all that. In some ways it like when you listen and because it’s later at night and the system has warmed up, it just sounds right. There’s a relaxed quality, which does not mean dull, slow or anything derogatory but does mean musical, hence the term “pleasing”. At this point it’s very tempting to go up to the next level, but I have so many tweeks I don’t want to push the envelope too much. I now have an Oyaide R1 to A/B the sound with the QS, but at this point there’s no comparison since the QS just sounds so good! If you are on the fence about trying this, the return policy alone, go for it, just don’t blame me if you want to upgrade–highly recommended!!!

  2. Ric Escalante

    I pretty much agree with the tweek geek comments about what you’ll hear. In my case, it has bested my Oyaide R1 outlet, in that there is more body to the overall sound, bass is tighter and there is a bit more depth of soundstage, as well as instrument separtation–all the usual stuff that happens when tweeks work. And this does it well. Highly recommended!

  3. 3776Meters

    I decided to purchase a pair of QSA Yellow AC receptacles because of my very positive experience with the Quantum Science violet fuse. The AC receptacles replaced a pair of Furutech NCF rhodium plated receptacles, which previously replaced the standard builder’s grade receptacles.
    I went through both upgrades within a couple of weeks after moving into a new house. The Furutech receptacles were a clear step up from the cheap builder’s receptacles. No comparison. The sound became more organized, clear, precise, and with extended frequency response – bass and treble. Then I installed a set of the QSA Yellow AC receptacles. I played some familiar music on the CD player and turntable.
    QSA Yellow AC receptacle observations: Vocalists have become grain-free with a more natural tone; more real and palpable you-are-there-in-the-same-room feeling. There is more air & reverb in the soundstage and longer decay in the cymbals. It was very interesting to literally hear the burn-in changes happening in real time during my listening session! Compared to the Furutechs, the QSA receptacles improved the dimensionality and spaciousness of the soundstage. And the QSA’s eliminated a peculiar distortion in the mid-bass region that I had been trying to fix with various tweaks and component upgrades for the past couple of years. The distortion caused muddy & fuzzy sounding jazz guitars and a hollow muffled sound in the lower registers of vocalists. I didn’t know that it was caused by the Furutechs until now!
    Mechanically, the AC receptacles have a solid grip on the plugs. The cables stay firmly in place; better than the Furutechs. I was mildly amused that the QSA receptacles came packaged in standard legrand Pass & Seymour boxes! Anyway, I figure that I was not buying packaging, but buying the sound. And I am happy with my purchase. A clear step up from the Furutech NCF! Highly recommended!

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