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Shakti On-Line AIR


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Shakti On-Line AIR

EMI RFI Absorbers – 2 Per Package

4-01-20 – The new AIR version of Shakti Onlines is now available. Let me just say these are Significantly more powerful than the original Shakti Onlines. Not even in the same league. I would liken these to quite possibly be even more powerful than the original Shakti Stones! Simply place on power cords, interconnects, USB and speaker cables. The midrange will simply open up with more information and dimensionality. Highs are cleaner and clearer. They are sonically different  from, but do work well with the bybee iQSE products.

The word Shakti is the Sanskrit term for energy Shakti Noise Reduction technology absorbs and dissipates Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Through an energy conversion, inductive coupling process, the “antenna-like” circuits within Shakti attract and then resistively convert EMI to non-interfering heat.

shakti on-linesSHAKTI On-Line Airs use a specially engineered circuit adapted from the larger SHAKTI Stone. The On-Line Air provides efficient EMI reduction in situations where limited space is a consideration.

Where to Use The Shakti On-Line Air

In audio systems

  • All system cables (interconnects, speaker wire, AC cords and video cables). Placement is near the approximate center and/or connection points.
  • Near critical internal circuit parts such as DAC chips, capacitors and internal wiring. 

On household items – Attacking noise at the source of the offending appliance can be very effective as well. Strapping a Shakti On-Line Air around the power cord of these appliances goes well beyond adding a simple ferrite. Below are but a few examples.

  • Refrigerators
  • Forced Air Systems (heater, AC)
  • Household Computers
  • Household TV’s

Dimensions: 3″ L x 5/8″ W x 3/8″ H


Weight 1 lbs

3 reviews for Shakti On-Line AIR

  1. Chris Erzinger

    I put the Shakti On-Line Airs under my ROON Nucleus Plus’ i7 motherboard, and my Synology NAS’s power supply and next to my NAS’ internal SATA Connections for my hard drives . The difference from each addition jumped the sound of my ROON Nucleus Plus fand then the Sound and Video Quality on my NAS’ Movie and Video Concerts way beyond what I had hoped. Dimensionality of the music and the picture and sound quality are fantastic!!! I highly recommend these Tweeks!!!!

  2. Carlos Mas Riera

    En primer lugar queria decir que los shakti online originales colocados sobre la salida rca de mi DACMAGIC y lector OPPO BDP105D y previo de auriculares mejoraban significativamente el sonido , mas liquido con menos “grano” , mas analogico.
    Y 2 shakti stone originales sobre el procesador externo de mi SAMSUNG QLED mejoran significativamente el ruido de video y la saturacion de color .Sustituyendolos por 2 nuevos SHAKTI STONE AIR el video ha mejorado aun mas con mas saturacion de color. Y colocando un ON LINE AIR sobre la entrada HDMI del TV (como fuente el OPPO BDP205 ) mejoran tambien el video ,menos grano y mas saturacion.
    La combinacion produce una calidad de imagen bastante mejor y el sonido tambien mejora en el TV.
    2 o mas SHAKTI ONLINE AIR sobre la tarjeta de video de mi ordenador estacionario de alta gama mejoran significativamente el sonido , mas abierto , menos grano , mas natural asi como 1 sobre la entrada ethernet de mi router con los mismos resultados.
    Y tambien se nota mejora colocando los STONE AIR encima de los filtros de red.

  3. David P.

    A definite improvement in clarity and ease. I will probably want to try a stone next on my source component and see how it goes. Happy with the purchase for sure!

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