Stein Harmonizer Signature Upgrade – Priced Each


Stein Harmonizer Signature Upgrade – Priced Each


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Stein Harmonizer Signature Upgrade

Easy Upgrade Ads A 25% Increase In Performance

Looking for The complete Stein Signature Harmonizer Package? It has the upgrades built in.

The latest upgrade to your Stein Harmonizer system will improve performance of the Harmonizer A or B by about 25%. Everything you already love about what the Stein Harmonizers do is increased with this upgrade. Air and space, dynamics, musical flow, and that wrap-around holographic sound. It’s all improved.

Their dimensions of the Signature Upgrade Module are 1 7/8″w x 2 3/4″d x 1/2″h and they are meant to be installed inside your harmonizers by using the included double sided tape.



Q: What are the dimensions of the Harmonizer Upgrade Modules?
A: Their dimensions are 1 7/8″w x 2 3/4″d x 1/2″h 

Q: How do I know for sure if it’s worth it?
A: Easy. Order a set, and simply set them on top of your existing Harmonizers. If you don’t hear the improvement, send them back for a full refund. 

Q: How do I install the new upgrade?
A: That’s easy too.  

    1. Simply open up your Harmonizer by removing the 4 screws holding the bottom on
    2. Peel back the bright red protective covering on the double sided tape attached to the Signature  Upgrade Module.
    3. Adhere it to the top of the internal module, close the unit up and enjoy! 

Harmonizer Signature Upgrade


Weight 2 lbs

1 review for Stein Harmonizer Signature Upgrade – Priced Each

  1. David

    For some time now I’ve been using six harmonizers in my room with great success. Four of them are signature versions,but two were the older ones that used the optional wall wart power supply. I decided to give them a face lift so i installed the signature upgrade modules. I can definitely hear the improved qualities. A more coherent harmonic presentation,cleaner transients and the holographic qualities I love significantly enhanced. A highly recommended purchase if you have older harmonizers.

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