Stillpoints Ultra 6 II


Stillpoints Ultra 6 II


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Stillpoints Ultra 6 II

Audio Anti Vibration Tweaks

Price is for 1 Ultra 6

“Each time I inserted the Ultra 6s I discerned a settling effect, like a placid ocean after a storm. The loudspeakers seemed to disappear a little more; instruments became more palpable and detached from each other; and the bass was more powerful and richer. And the blackness of the backgrounds. Oh, my!”The Absolute Sound

“The Stillpoints make a huge improvement on the JBL Everests that I put them under.  Wow.  It’s on a suspended floor, and bass is so much cleaner and the speakers interact far less with the room.” – Jay H.


Version 2


Version 2 is a significant leap forward in performance and at no additional cost!


The Ultra 6 is the first Ultra product to use technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. The patented vibration absorbing & damping technology from Stillpoints reduces distortion borne from mechanical vibration. Granted, your system must be at a fairly high level of performance before one can realize the full benefits of the Stillpoints Ultra 6. Be sure you’ve fine tuned your audio system with audiophile cabling, power conditioning, proper speaker placement and of course room acoustics.


Once your system is ready for Stillpoints, hearing what they can do is eye opening. For loudspeakers, a top to bottom improvement in resolution, transient attack, air, space and decay can easily be heard.

Difference Between the Ultra 5 and Ultra 6

stillpoints ultra base

Ultra 6 Uses

  • Attach directly to a Stillpoints ESS Rack, providing a lower profile than the Ultra 5
  • Attach directly to a loudspeaker stand and place the monitor directly on the Ultra 6
  • Place an Ultra 6 with an ultra base (not included) between a monitor and subwoofer if you are positioning the monitor directly on top of your subs.

Price is for each Stillpoint Ultra 6.

Learn about all of the Stillpoints component feet, how they work, and which is best for your needs.

Height Minimum 1.60″ to Maximum 1.92″
Diameter: Minimum 2.97″ to Maximum 2.97″
WEIGHT (per unit): 1lb 10oz 

Weight 2 lbs
Include Ultra Base

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1 review for Stillpoints Ultra 6 II

  1. David M

    After the Tweek Geek in-home trial period, I purchased a set of StillPoint Ultra-6’s as footers for my vintage fully-restored Pioneer SX-1980 receiver (the powerhouse). The vintage late-70’s Pioneer was engineered at a time when the negative effect of a “flimsy” sheet metal enclosure was not realized or thrifted to a price point. With the StillPoints, I now experience vocals, pianos, and jazz guitars with undistorted clear “Audiophile-like” presence comparable with today’s state of the art electronics. The dynamics are improved, the frequency response spectrum is balanced top to bottom and the vocalists now fill the soundstage properly instead of being somewhat recessed. The quietness is improved. Very pleased with my purchase. Mike is a pleasure to work with!

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