Stillpoints Ultra LP Isolator V2


Stillpoints Ultra LP Isolator V2


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Stillpoints Ultra LP Isolator V2

Turntable Vibration Isolator

How it works: The LPI slips over the spindle of your turntable and rests on the label portion of the LP.

The Stillpoints LP Isolator absorbs the micro vibrations that are present at the label area, and makes the reproduction clearer, cleaner, more delicate, more open, and lifelike. 



Ultra LPI V2 

  • Height 0.93″ (23.62 mm)
  • Diameter: 2.97″ (75.44 mm
  • WEIGHT: 1.55 lbs (0.70 kg)
Weight 2 lbs
Choose Silver or Black

Black, Silver

1 review for Stillpoints Ultra LP Isolator V2

  1. Glenn

    Well, I did not hear much difference at all when I placed this on a number of records. There was perhaps a slight de-emphasis on vocals, so they were less prominent, however, I prefer more prominence. And that was about it. It does look cool though! I have a high end system and I can clearly hear differences when I swap cables or components, but not much with the StillPoints. I will be returning this item. It did work better however than the Mobile Fidelity Super Heavy Weight that muffled the sound. It was easy to hear!

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