Stillpoints Ultra Mini Set of 6


Stillpoints Ultra Mini Set of 6


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Stillpoints Ultra Mini Set of 6

Loudspeaker Tweaks | Anti Vibration Tweaks

Improve definition & eliminate muddiness in bass frequencies. Clean up midrange harmonics and resolution

This is a set of 6 Stillpoints Ultra Minis, two sets of 3, for using with a stereo pair of monitor loudspeakers. Monitor loudspeakers are normally small enough that the Ultra Mini is all that is needed to support their weight. Fasten 3 Stillpoints underneath each monitor using Blu-Tac or earthquake putty. Make sure the narrow end of the Ultra mini is pointing downward.

The changes you will hear are improved bass articulation, richer mids, sweeter highs with more air and space.


Weight 1 lbs


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