QSA Gemstones - Pack of 5

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QSA Gemstones - Pack of 5

Internal Component Tweak

The QSA Gemstones are essentially the little gems that are on top of the QSA Stones. The little gem stones are adhered to a damping pad with an adhesive backing. Place these inside

  • Audio components
    • power input
    • power supplies
    • opamps and DAC chips
    • Streamer USB and ethernet inputs
    • Streamer motherboards
  • AC wall receptacles

These are only a few places we have tried them and have had success.


All seem to lower the noise floor, and allow more recording ambience and decay through. They also seem to make the presentation more liquid and natural sounding. However, the different colors seem to influence different frequencies more than others. There is also some overlap between them.

Red: Warmth, bloom, and decay

Clear: High frequencies, air, space. Good with tube components, not good with metal dome tweeters unless you use in conjunction with Black gem stones

Blue: lower Mids and upper mids: Openness, texture, layering, transparency

(new) Black: Texture and refinement to high frequencies. This one  took a little while to get a handle on. When used with a Blue gem stone, the sound open through the upper mids and refined in the highs. My new favorite combination is one Blue, one Clear, and one Black Gemstone. This effects everything from the midrange on up. The Soundstage is very expansive, and the highs are present in a refined, textural way. 


Applying The Gemstone

They come in strips of 5 stones, adhered to a pad that has been segmented to allow for easier removal of the backing, and of course easier separation of the pads. NOTE: Be very careful in handling, as the gemstones can fall off if one is too rough. Not to worry if that does happen, either crazy glue or quick setting epoxy will secure it back to the pad. Also place the gemstones in a location that won't endure any physical contact once placed. Inside components is perfect in most cases.

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    The lightest audio product you will every buy!

    Posted by spencer gordon on 6th Oct 2021

    Yes the GEMSTONES work, improving every aspect of sound, naturally and without strain or glare. I used tweezers to handle them, and mounted them individually on double sided white foam pieces. Placement is key, so be ready to experiment. Mine are attached to Schumann Resonators. Most effective when used as a trio. Your patience will absolutely be rewarded!