QSA Power Jitter Power Conditioner - ORIGINAL Silver

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QSA Power Conditioner - Original Silver

Plug & Play QSA


The QSA power conditioner works very simply. Plug your power cord into the QSA power conditioner, then plug the conditioner into the wall, or another power conditioner. The effects will make themselves very apparent after a day or two (longer for the higher level models. Sorry!). More inner detail, PRAT, and simply a more natural character to the music. For those of you who have tried the QSA fuses you understand. Also understand that these behave more like the fuses than the QSA Outlets do (I have no idea why, but they do). The effect is additive as well. We have seen no downside to adding the QSA Power conditioner to QSA outlets, and products that already have QSA fuses inside. 

For those of you who have been curious about the QSA products, this is perfect, and simple. Much easier than replacing a fuse, and the benefit is extremely similar.