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QSA Power Distributor by Tweek Geek

Plug & Play QSA. Literally.

This is the product everyone has been begging us for. We have assembled for you a 4 outlet power distributor incorporating the incredible QSA AC receptacles, AND a QSA fuse.



"...Mike WOW! When they say big things come in small packages they really do… That QSA Power Distributor is awesome! It’s only been since Saturday but yesterday my son who’s 15, who could care less about what my set up sounds like, said "Wow pops that sounds really nice". He’s not lying. the background is just black. I’ve got a Furutech NCF plugged into the outlet where the power cord is that’s feeding the QSA. I’ve got my Parasound JC5, Denafrips Preamp, Denafrips Venus DAC and Rose RS250 all plugged into it. What a treat! best money spent in a while. Thank you Mike!..."

It's More Than Just A Power Distributor

If you are already familiar with QSA products, it sounds exactly as you think it would. It will allow your audio components to absolutely sound their best. More clarity, naturalness, and 3 dimensionality. It does more to improve the sonics of your system than most power conditioners. It utterly crushes the competition within and beyond it's price range. We also have in-home audition units available. 

An Easier Way To Audition QSA In Your System

For those of you who've been looking for an easier way to experiment with QSA AC receptacles and fuses, look no further. The plug and play power distributor let's you experience QSA fuses without having to bother with opening up components, and determining the complicated fuse values, speeds, sizes, etc. etc.

For those of you who are averse to installing a QSA wall receptacle, the power strip is the next best thing.

Choose The Level Of Improvement

Choose your level of QSA Outlet, either have them both identical, or different levels depending on your goals and needs. Choose the 15 amp slow blow fuse level as well.

Add A Furutech NCF Clear Line For Improved Performance

Adding a Furutech NCF Clear Line parallel power filter and plugging it in to the wall socket adjacent to the QSA power distributor provides additional noise reduction and improves the sound further.



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    QSA Power Distributor w/full Violet treatment

    Posted by Brandon on 24th Oct 2022

    I first tried the violet duplex and was amazed at how much the image tightened up and soundstage expanded in all directions. Zero harshness. Replaced my power conditioner with this distributor and will likely replace another duplex soon!

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    QSA Power Distributor

    Posted by Rob Gillette on 31st May 2022

    It’s hard to find a high quality power distributor with a power switch. This one sounds amazing. All Mike’s products are outstanding.