QSA Silver Ethernet Cable


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QSA Silver Ethernet Cable

Single Ethernet Cable

The QSA Ethernet Cables have been treated with QSA's proprietary metallurgical process. The same process used on all of their products. The Silver is a significant step up from Black/Red.  This is the point where the cable achieves the improvement of a component. Really.  Expect better bass, an expanded and more 3D soundstage, and a more analog sense of naturalness.

We offer an in-home trial of QSA ethernet cables for those who are seriously interested in improving their audio and video streaming experience.


Q: What is the difference between the color levels?

A: Technically, the higher the color level, the longer the cable has undergone the QSA process. With Yellow receiving the shortest duration treatment, and Gold receiving the longest duration treatment. Sonically, They all open up the soundstage and add dimensionality and a degree of naturalness to the presentation. As you move up the line you simply get more. More resolution, more dimensionality, more naturalness.