QSA Stones - Set of Two

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QSA Stones - Set of Two



QSA Stones are about 1.5" in diameter and about 1/4" high including the gem stone that sits on top. The stone itself is a brownish color, and the bottom is coated in a special noise absorbing material. This material can be seen painted onto their AC receptacles as well. The gem stones are also used on the upper tier outlets as well as the Red/Black fuses.

All three have the QSA effect of enhancing flow and naturalness of the musical presentation. Things relax, but are more resolved and 3D.

We use them on power supplies and power cords. You can place them on top of or below components where the power supplies are. Resting another Stone on a power cord has a very similar effect. 

Placing the Stones in your breaker box is also a great way to reduce noise and increase the emotional engagement factor in your music. They work very will with the Bybee V2, Quantum Clarifiers, and DMT X1 too!

The stones may also be used as a room treatment, much like the Bybee V2's. In fact they really take the V2's to a new level!

3 types of stones

  • Red = Warm, smooths rough high frequencies - These seem to affect all frequencies, affecting the decay of instruments and overall ambiance and lending real woodiness to wooden instruments, and a realness to the human voice. In systems components with very soft highs, it might work better if used along with a set of Blue or Clear Stones. 
  • Blue = Open mids and highs - The Blue Stones reach the upper mids to lower range of high frequencies. This gives an openness to the sound. Things like reverb and hall decay start expanding well beyond the speaker boundaries. Things are less congested.
  • Clear = Transparent highs - The Clear seem to affect the upper regions, aiding in transparency and clarity of the high frequencies. Cymbals are clearer and decay longer. Hall ambiance is enhanced and overall clarity and transparency are improved.

Where we have used them

  • On power transformers
  • On power supplies
  • On incoming coax cable splitters - This one was a bit of a surprise, but expect improvements in the sound of streaming music, and better quality streaming video.

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    QSA stone - red

    Posted by Scott on 27th Jul 2021

    The QSA stones work amazingly well. I placed one in my fuse box that feeds my listening room and one on my amp. As claimed, the red ones affect the upper bass and lower midrange mostly but I've found they also expand the soundstage and add a little warmth to the treble. Very highly recommended - and the price is reasonable.