Quantum Science Audio Yellow AC Receptacle

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QSA Yellow AC Receptacle

The Proof Lies In The Hearing

QSA Yellow AC 

After 22 years of research and development, QSA Has launched a series of audio enhancing products that are confounding listeners with the level of performance improvement that they are attaining with these modest looking devices. Through their proprietary processes and treatments, these normal looking outlets and fuses are transformed into paradigm shifting audio products. 

Using the same processes and treatments as their highly regarded fuses, Quantum Science Audio are applying similar treatment to their line of AC receptacles. The colored hierarchy is much the same as well. Their sonic effects on components plugged into the AC receptacles are also similar, and even more beneficial if you have QSA fuses in your components.

Quantum Science Audio 

The Yellow AC Receptacle is the entry level electrical outlet from QSA. It can go toe to toe with any other AC receptacle on the market, and costs less than the more exotic offerings from major audio receptacle manufacturers. That is our guarantee. We stand behind our products with our 30- day money back guarantee. All we ask is that your return the items in their original box, and undamaged. We know on an AC receptacle that you will need to install it, and that may mean a tiny nick here and there. Not to worry, we understand and will still refund you your purchase price.

What You Will Hear

With All QSA Products the first thing you will notice is that the top end will open up with a sense of relaxation and ease.  There is just a rightness, a wholeness when there should be wholeness, and separation when it occurs naturally. Bass will be quicker, dynamic, and have more detail. Voices and instruments will appear more transparent but with more harmonic realism, flesh/wood/brass tone, and focus. The Yellow possesses all of these attributes, and you will hear them without straining. As you move up the line, you just get more. At times you might not think more exists, but it does. Everything you play, I don't care how bad, harsh or fatiguing the recording, it will sound better and in many cases, it will actually be listenable rather than fatiquing.

A Word On Break In

Initially, the AC receptacle will be a little strident, but will settle in over the next few days.