Representing Your Brand

Looking For A Brand Ambassador?

If your product philosophy is born out of a fanatical love of music & audio, and you enjoy working harmoniously with like minded retailers, perhaps we should talk.

At Tweek Geek, the goal is customers who are absolutely giddy over their audio systems, and thrilled with the selection and buying process. Our goal is also to be a joy to work with from the wholesale side. We communicate clearly, respect other dealers, and prepay for product.

Our expectation is for a distributor or manufacturer who is loyal, communicative, and supports us after the sale.

What we like to see in a product we are considering

  • Great Design - This goes for visual/industrial design, as well as circuit design. Solid, professional packaging that can handle the abuse that carriers will inevitably inflict upon it. What makes your product unique/magical? Is it innovative technology or an outstanding value? 

  • Great People - Life is too short to work with people you don't enjoy. I have learned this lesson through many years of experience, and I am certain you have had similar experiences if you have been a manufacturer for more than a few years. I like working with kind people. People who's priority is keeping good customers happy (it's okay to fire the bad ones). You stand behind your product the way I stand behind my brand. You are accountable for mistakes, and move quickly  to remedy them fairly. Sometimes more than fairly if the long term is served better.

  • Great Communication - You communicate clearly and keep your dealers and distributors abreast of any changes, new products, and models.  The ultimate goal is happy customers who would rate your product the buying AND service experience (if it is needed) highly and would recommend you hesitation. Period.

  • Commitment to quality representation - You do not sell on Amazon, Ebay, or other secondary market web sites. You only sell direct to customers who do not have a dealer in their area (within 50-100 miles).

Product Specific Criterea

These are not set in stone, but definitely do give you an advantage. Sometimes however we see such exceptional value in one area, that we can compromise on another. 

  • Amplifiers - Class A, Zero negative feedback designs are preferred. Tube amplifiers or solid state.
  • DACs - R2R, FPGA designs
  • Loudspeakers - High efficiency designs, 94dB/1 watt minimum
  • Streamers - Stability, ease of use, and great sound

 If you think our philosophy and your products might be a good fit. Let's talk. Call us at 303-653-6341 to begin the process.