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HiFi Rose RS520 Streaming Amplifier

rs520 streaming amp

Even before you turn on the RS520 hifi music streamer, you see it's quality. The thick, Machined aluminum chassis exudes class. The visual aesthetic is clean, ergonomics are fantastic. We especially like the placement of the power, volume, and mute buttons that are slightly recessed into the front of the top panel.

When you push the power button and the 12.6” wide LCD touch screen lights up, revealing the easy to use touchscreen display. The super large screen makes it easy to select your input source, outputs, configure the parametric EQ, and much more. When playing music, you can display artwork across the screen, or VU meters.

The sound of the RS520 is impressive, with enough power to drive lower efficiency speakers with ease. This is no ordinary Class D Amplifier. The GaN FET design is warmer, richer and more akin to a 125 watt Class AB amplifier. Inside, the DAC is the ES9038PRO (the same as the RS150b) for PCM resolution up to 32/768 and DSD 512. Also incorporated are HiFi Rose discreet opamps.

One would have to spend thousands more in separate components and cables to match the great performance of the RS520.





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