An audio cable should act solely as a means of exactly conveying music, in the form of an electromagnetic wave, from microphone to speaker.

This may seem like common sense, but, in reality, audio cables are used in a variety of roles. Many use these products in a system to achieve a tonal balance to their liking, or even to mask an undesirable characteristic or problem elsewhere in the audio chain. A cable not designed with this philosophy in mind may, in fact, become the weakest link in the chain, thus limiting the ultimate musical potential, and more importantly, the ultimate enjoyment of an audio system.

Silversmith Audio Fidelium speaker cables are thin alloy ribbons that behave unlike any other ribbon speaker cables. They must be heard to be truly understood and appreciated. Fortunately that is reasonably easy with their price point starting at well under $1000 per pair for an 8 foot length.  Experience air, space, neutrality, bass, vocals that totally belie the price point.