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Sonic Tonic - Introductory Pricing

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Product Description

Tweek Geek Sonic Tonic - Set of 4 Bottles

Cure's All of your Sonic Ills 

We've been hard at work for many months developing a tweak that is easy to use, effective, and best of all affordable. But don't let the price fool you. We have tested Sonic Tonic on every level of audio system and have heard benefits that far surpass it's modest price.

Tweek Geek Speek Blog on Sonic Tonic

Testimonials & Reviews

5-stars.jpgAfter installing the Sonic Tonic in my system (very easy), I have the following impressions:

The sound is much more revealing due to the lowered noise floor.  When distortion is reduced, the inner details are readily heard.  And, a bonus, the volume sounds louder even though I am using the same volume setting as before!  

Vocals are greatly improved.  The intelligibility of lyrics is much better  -  vocals sound more natural.  

Electric guitar is filled with greater textures and beauty  -  more purity, less glare.  Some climactic passages are downright majestic!

I am hearing detail in the bass (which is prodigious) that I didn't know existed.  What fun!  

The highs have this nice "sparkle" that I find pleasurable (and natural to their instrument  -  cymbals, bells,chimes).

The Sonic Tonic renders complex musical passages easy to follow.  

Orchestral music is more lifelike and emotionally impactful.  

I now have an "endless soundstage."  No walls  -  just sound beyond my room's limits.  Who knew? - Chris S., Sacremento, CA

5-stars.jpg I hate and love you all at the same time! Holy shit! You've sent me a bunch of stuff over the years but this stuff takes the cake! I thought it was me being tired last night but today the same magic! For the first time ever my digital sounds almost as good as my vinyl! Well played sir! You know the drill, send me an invoice! - RM, Arizona

5-stars.jpg Many tweaks help but Sonic Tonic = Kapow! Really good stuff Mike thank you. George.W., Des Moines, IA

What is Sonic Tonic?

Sonic Tonic is the result of years of collaboration with my Tweak "Gurus", endless curiosity and dogged determination. Inside each bottle of Sonic Tonic is a blend of materials that together, are activated by electromagnetic fields. Once activated, they work to reduce noise and distortion.


It has taken years of testing to get to this. Other similar products may "wow" with an initial sensation of more detail and resolution. Only to disappoint over time by causing excessive brightness, ringing ears or other listener related fatigue. Not so with Sonic Tonic.

How Do I use It?

Sonic Tonic comes packaged with a non marking, non damaging removeable putty similar to Blu-Tak. Simply place a small dot of the putty on the bottle and attach to:

  • Interconnect terminations
  • Speaker cable terminations
  • Power cable terminations
  • On top of components
  • On wall receptacles

Anywhere there is a source of electromagnetic energy. The cable terminations are best as that is where there tends to be a larger amount of stray energy.

What Will I Hear?

  1. Clarity from top to bottom. More defined bass, clarity in the midrange and transparency in the high frequencies. Everything is cleaner and more detailed, without altering tone.

  2. Vocals and solo instruments: Gorgeous vocals, more texture and naturalness. Solo instruments have more transient attack, and dynamic jump factor.

  3. Soundstage: Width and depth are improved. Air, space and decay are improved as well.

  4. Musicality: Improvements in naturalness, ease and flow. Textures are more readily audible, subtleties that make the music more "real" emerge with less effort. All of this while preserving tone.

What Does $149 $99 Get Me?

Sonic Tonic comes packaged with:

  • 4 bottles of Tonic - enough to do 2 interconnects, speaker cables or power cords
  • A non marking, non damaging removeable putty similar to Blu-Tak

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