Soundgenic Network Server/Storage


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Network Server/Storage

Available in 4tb HDD or 2tb SSD


Soundgenic by I.O Data Device

Soundgenic is a flexible network server/renderer/ripper/tagger available with either a 4tb HDD, or a 2tb SSD. The Ripper/tagger function requires an optional USB external Blu-ray/DVD disk drive to rip, tag and store to the internal drives. Multiple methods are allowed to load to the drives, providing maximum flexibility in importing to the Soundgenic. All Soundgenic products are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan. The design is understated and utilitarian. You don't pay for jewelry, just performance.

The internal high strength chassis holding the drive is 1.2 mm thick, 1.5 times thicker than the conventional thickness typical hard drive mounts, and the bottom is outfitted with hemispherical compliant elastomer feet for vibration damping.